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about moi...

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Hi there, I'm Blu Wyatt.  

I'm a laundry list of things including an Artist, Public Speaker, Decorator, Adventurer, Mom, Wife, Shopper, and Travel Lover, to name a few.  My family (husband and 2 growing boys) and I recently relocated to the Nashville area from a life of travel and a short stint in a Iowa cornfield. 


I have a passion for all things beautiful and it translates into every area of my life.  I beautify my life in several big ways and about a million teeny tiny ones; welcoming peace and fully embracing joy. 


I've battled some pretty traumatic stuff in my life; severe bipolar depression, a nearly paralyzing back injury, lived in constant indescribable pain for 22 years, attempted suicide, my father succeeded in his attempt, fractured my skull....twice, sexually assaulted....twice, kicked out of home....twice, disowned, abandoned and betrayed.   


I was the biggest, hottest (and I don't mean in the JLo kinda way) mess of them all.  I was a selfish, controlling, manipulative, sour, negative, mean, unforgiving, angry person.  I was bad!  I slept around, made my own rules, thought the world revolved around me...I plastered a smile on my face, wore expensive clothes, went to the "right" parties, hung out with the "right" people, stepped on people if they got in my way, stole from friends, insulted strangers, and so on and on and on.....


Folks, I was a bad mamma jamma but I wore that mask well.  Oh, I "tried" to be a better person only to fall flat on my face again.  I thought "I'm in control.  I can do this.  My way or I walk."   BIG HOT MESS!   There was some good mixed in there too….travel, adventure, cool people, wild stories, lots of beaches, tanned skin, stages, lights, photographers……but NOTHING satisfied my hunger for more.



I tell you all that to say this…...

Basically, if I can rise from the ashes of the muck life threw at me (not to mention the mess I created myself) then I have some good news for you, my friend.  There's HOPE.....hope for anyone going through a dark period.  There is a brighter tomorrow.  


Anything is possible.  


I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt what brought me out of my nasty, dark pit was God.  He wrapped His loving arms around me and I’ve never been the same.  He’s forgiven me of every sin and He’ll do the same for you.   John 3:16 says He loves each one of us more deeply than we can imagine.  


Use this time, the place you find yourself in at this very moment, to learn a lesson.  To become wiser and walk away a stronger person.  I’m alive…..despite many close calls and I’m not only breathing, I’m thriving.  So can you.  


I make every effort to Live Decorated from the inside out, love other people and offer grace, not only for others as they screw up or reveal their flaws but also, for myself….I still struggle.  I’m FAR from any semblance of perfection, trust me.  But I’m walking a path set out for me by God Himself….His brilliant plan. 


 I have so much love for the neighborhood we’re making just by being here.  Each one of you is special and made to be a gift to this world.  Let's be the light. 



Casting a vision for your life is highly important and I'm doing just that.  Even though my dreams seem larger than life impossible, they will become a reality one day.  Soon I will have my own show and I'm no longer afraid to tell you about it.  I will spread joy and encouragement to the globe in ways only God knows.  Taking from one of my spoken word pieces, "The main thing is, it's not about me," It's all about Him.   As long as I/we stay focused on this one truth we can allow God to work in and through us to create good around us as only He can.  I'm putting my hand to it with my YouTube channel so be sure to click the link above and watch a couple episodes...they're only getting better.   May God bless you richly as you learn to trust in Him and follow His awesomely wild, glorious plan for YOUR life!


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