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10 minutes to recharge YOU

Searching frantically around for your MagLite when you're power suddenly gets wiped out is certainly no one's idea of a party...finally finding said tool of light glowing weaker than a taper candle in the breeze....seems your battery life was sucked dry somewhere between the last big storm and the family's summer camping trip. Oh by golly....!!!

The little rascals came up a couple times this week. Had to replace them on my husbands tooth brush as well as Sunday our car had been temporarily maimed by a light left on...or something. We unknowingly sat in the restaurant dining on fries and paninis while the life was being sucked from this mysteriously complicated piece of equipment called the battery.....we all need them, am I right?

Hearing the engine turn over, finally, was music to my ears...the heat was slowly turning my white button down into a topic of conversation....time to go home.

Full, hot, and tired.

Then I decided a rest was in order. So on my bed listening to the waves come ashore, I got to thinking. We all need a battery recharge from time to time. A time to lay aside the massive, ever-growing to-do list and chill your brain...and your body. You've been working well as taking care of the house, family, and juggling the millions of life's demands....the day to day pressures take a toll on every one of us.

You deserve a break....


a celebration.

In your honor.

I can see it now.

While you're envisioning what this celebration would look like allow me to toss some ideas in the air about how you could celebrate yourself by resetting .... completely tuning into your wiring and not M.A.C. We all need to find our own unique way of resetting and refocusing. It will obviously take on a different feel and direction with each individual.

Here are 10 random ideas to truly decompress your spirit, body and soul:

* Schedule 30 minutes to get lost in a book....curled up on your perfectly made bed with the hand-stitched quilt covering your legs...even a hot cup of tea by the bed laced with local honey would do.

* A walk alone around the neighborhood or a park your favorite pace....maybe you run....with our without some rockin jams taking up background space.

* A bubble bath with a dozen votive candles and some piano music softly...or not so softly.....playing in the background.

* A ride on your favorite trail.... bareback.... or bicycle, I guess.

* An umbrella and beach chair in the sand at least 50 yards from any other human being...with or without an Audible or Blinkist.

* Take a the fire.

* Yard work....or is it already too cold for that?

* Write.

* Create. Anything.

* Iron (I've met some wild women who LOVE to's beyond me people.)

The list goes on and on. Only you can be the one who dictates what exactly reset looks like for you.

Maybe you're

Getting your life together

Stumbling along the way

Now it's time to shed

That fear, that shame,

that regret

It's time to forgive. Let it go.

Now I'm gonna ask you to try something with not fear;)

Make this one moment all about YOU (you can afford 10 minutes)

Grab a journal, notebook or scratch piece of paper and pen, crayola, or pencil (my personal favorite).

This may sound strange but set a timer (you can always go longer if you like)

10 minutes...

Close the door

Sit in a comfortable place (even in the bathroom if that's the only place you find privacy) better yet, lie down if you can.

Close your eyes

Release the tension, the pulling, the strain.

Breathe deeply for 5 for 5 counts, hold it at the top for 2 counts then exhale through your mouth for 5 counts.

9 minute... breathe

Ask yourself what you want

Ask yourself what it would look like to literally recharge YOU

Find yourself in that place

8 minutes...Stop looking at the timer

This silence and solitude business isn't easy.

Often, I find the need to put things into perspective and take a step back.

To magnify God and His goodness above anything. It expands my viewpoint of life and, in contrast, minimizes situations, problems, or petty concerns.

For me personally... when I get into, I mean really into, nature.....something in me shifts. I can slow down. The beach, the sand, the salt, the sounds totally revive me. The mountains, river, lakes, waterfalls, farmland, and even laying out under the stars fuels my tank ... but there's just something about the vast, deep, blue sea and the way it meets with the shoreline that gets me centered...if that's even what I mean...maybe I just mean calmer.

I didn't mean to jump into what MY recharge looks like, just wanted to give you a sample. Back to YOUR 10 minute physical, mental, emotional we go...

7 minutes... Breathe

Just like plugging your flashlight batteries into a charger after a long stormy night under candlelight. Once charged, the beam is no longer weak and's powerful beyond bring light into the dark. To reveal the hidden things. To give us greater confidence as we move forward step by glorious step. Light the way.

5 minutes...change

Picture it....affecting this world for change one small act of kindness at a time.... something simply good.....for another. Something you really want to do or feel compelled to do. Both realistically and big dream both visions are equally and uniquely important.

What is that thing you see yourself doing in order to spread kindness? I thought long and hard about this and even though I love donating to various organizations and individuals I thought there might be more I could do (ok, we know there always is). So I employed the google button on my iPad and found a local homeless shelter. Friday was our first day volunteering to make sandwiches and stuff lunch bags. Y'all, this was the most rewarding lesson of selflessness. We were the ONLY volunteers. I asked the boys, "who would've filled those lunch bags if we didn't come?" We made about 20 sandwiches and worked together as a team. I know we didn't do much for the first step out, but it was a step. Small is still more than a big fat zero. We can all do something and starting small is the way to go. Now we've made an every Friday commitment.

Find your good act even if it means getting uncomfortable.

4 minutes...Focus

Your light is powerful. Sometimes the lense just needs to be polished. All the smudges and fingerprints from years of use or misuse have tarnished the shine of life. Clean off the lense. A little introspection, a lot of intentional prayer power and as always a dash of humility...ok a lot of humility.

3 minutes...Again...breathe

Eyes still closed

Heart still centered

Silence your thoughts

If you find yourself wandering aimlessly amid a sea of distractions pull yourself back. Simply tell God "thank you..,,Thank you for an active mind and thought life." Now be still. Say the name of Jesus.


You're in the right place.

1 minute...DEEP breath

Open your eyes

Breathe a breath of gratitude for all you've seen and learned. Now, how do you feel? I, for one, feel calmer...more centered after focused breathing.....I need a nap!

Don't walk away just yet....

Journal anything that stands out during this last minute. Don't worry about how the writing starts or sounds...even bullets are fine just write. Thoughts and feelings, ideas and direction.

Free yourself from judgement. Release yourself from others expectations....from your own. Tune into the feelings you feel.

As you go on your day promise yourself to reset at least once a day. During your evening bath, soak in instrumental music from head to toe, bubbles and candles help set the stage as well. Demand privacy. Take your time. Think thoughts. Release the junk. Say a prayer.

Walk a little lighter, head high, confidence brimming. You are beautiful. Be brilliant and share the light with others.

Big ole blessings to ya,

Blu Wyatt


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