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10 ways to rock a birthday

Birthdays...We all have one. Some choose not to celebrate....some go all out. What do your birthday celebrations look like? Gifts, balloons, cake, friends, singing, fun activities? It’s all good, sister.

I had a birthday a week or so ago. My youngest is turning 7 today and my oldest is in 2 weeks. We’re in birthday season around my house. On top of the holidays, no less.

We like to celebrate for a whole week around our house. I believe everyone needs a celebration of their existence....the day they came into this earth....the moment where the world changed for the better when they were deposited here by a gracious and loving God who has a perfect plan for their lives. Every person, no matter age, preferences, attitudes, past, present.....nothing matters but making that one person feel special and loved.

Although I’m uber grateful for the shoes, new business cards, clothes, hats and wig I received during my special weeklong celebration, I don’t put as much weight on those things as I do the dinners we had, the German chocolate cake my mom in love made, the lunches and drinks with friends; the memories we concocted celebrating my life with those who love me will stick with me far longer than any gift (especially my cheap wig). Nothing could be better. No thing could match the memories (not to mention, the instagram photos capturing those memories).

As you know, we’re on the road and aren’t doing anything “normal” or familiar and birthdays are no different. We’re learning a new way of life. That means no gifts unless it can travel and makes sense for our on the go lifestyle. Everything in its place (in the minivan). So my sweet son’s passion for legos and building has no room in our present. This has been a hard sacrifice for a 6 (now 7) year old. What do you get a kid who has no space?

Back to my 10 big ideas:

The days leading up to the big day should be just as memorable as the actual day. Consider starting a week out. Here are some ideas to make that special person in your life light up with amazement and gratitude.

Pause...actually think about the person. Their bend, passions, desires, needs, personality....what makes them special?

Ask God how to bless them...Holy Spirit will help with this.

Keep it simple.

People are more important than things.

Memories are better than silly possessions.

Now’s a great time to start a new tradition.

10 fun ideas to rock a birthday:

* Food ideas: dinner (out or in) featuring their favorite food, make the table setting amazing, plan a picnic lunch and take it to their favorite park, breakfast party: eggs, pancakes, muffins...anything they love.

* Desserts: before the actual day sweeten things up with some cookies or cupcakes, day of: make a cake (better yet cupcakes) with candles, candles, and more candles (sprinkles for the LOVE sprinkles)

* Words of affirmation: Say “you’re special” “I see you” “my life wouldn’t be the same without you” often...All day/week make a big deal of the fact that they’re alive, in your life, and as special as ever...words, notes, gestures all work together here

* Gifts: We like to buy or make special things for each day leading up to the birthday....even a small sticky note saying lovely things would be great. (This doesn’t have to cost money)....the main gift(s) are usually given the evening of the actual day but anything goes. Make your own rules.

* Flowers: Pick wildflowers and vase ‘em up or a little bouquet from the florist.....and/or balloons are perfection.

* Music: Wake them with calming or party jam music, what do they like? ...sing, if you must, the (cheesy, horribly written) birthday song or better yet, create your is powerful....use it.

* Snacks: Daily candy (or favorite snacks) deposits ...every kid loves candy and goodies deposited into their little hands ... adults too.

* Poetry or story: make up a cute poem or google one and make it pretty, put some thought into it even if only a “roses are red” poem.

* Card: buy or make....a hand made card goes a long way since you’ve put attention and creativity into it

* Gift certificate: Make a certificate they can use anytime: mom/dad free playtime (legos, cars, playground, chase) whatever interests your specific loved one (or for the older people maybe you offer to do chores, give a massage, wash the car, or run errands) ..anything is possible...stretch the imagination.

Bonus ideas For girls:

Brush their hair (while using kind and encouraging words of love)

Paint their nails (toes too)

Bonus ideas for boys:

Setup an obstacle course...enjoy

Scavenger hunt for their gift

Get the idea? These are just a few...make your own have it in you.

We all have an innate desire, even need, for approval, acceptance and a sense of belonging. This is the perfect time to ingrain this into their soul in an intense way....but really, we need to be doing this ALL YEAR LONG...on a daily basis....especially for those in our immediate family and circle. We are who God has give them.

Thanks for joining me.

Leave us a comment below giving us an idea what you do to make someone feel loved and special.

Love y’all



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