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3 Ways to a Healthy Heart Space

Last week some things were said. ... honestly, I’m alright with how it all came out.....(if you didn’t get to read the post go HERE)....only I forgot something ...

The Umbrella.  

When I go to the islands and order some ice cold, fruity drink, while sun bathing on the beach, I dang well expect it to come with a cute little tropical umbrella.  Am I alone in this?  

Live Decorated...

...this life motto of sometimes like a tropical adventure on protein powder smoothies....accessorized with an umbrella.  For me living decorated means so many things.  It means growing myself not only in mind and body like we talked about last week but also in spirit. today I’ll let you under my spiritual umbrella, so to speak.

I received an eye opening revelation the other day, as I ran the hills of our temporary neighborhood....(yes we leave Hot Springs for Austin on Saturday).  It was brought to my attention, during a podcast devotional, that I also need to exercise and grow my spirit man.....enter umbrella metaphor (expertly applied.... or not). 

First, I had to ask the questions: 

How do I exercise my spirit?  

How do I build up those muscles? 

What does that even mean?  

More importantly, where do I start?  

I’m not one for an investigation but I came to this.  ‘Our thoughts form our words, our words then turn to actions, actions to habits, habits to character and character to destiny’.  some wise guy said something like this some time ago. So I’d like to talk about our habits.  The things we do on the reg. 

3 Habits for a Healthy Heart Space. 

I have three habits I’ve been incorporating into my life the past 9 months of traveling (and going back to our Iowa days)  I haven’t been perfect or even close but every day I carve out time to do these three things to strengthen, stretch and grow my spirit.....the more I put in the more I get out of it.  

Habit #1


Worship.... the act of singing and praising God through music.  You can argue that anything you do, if done for the Lord, can be considered worship and I would fully agree.....but I’m honing in on the more specific musical side. 

Singing.  I used to call myself a singer....until I realized I’m only mediocre at best....but it’s not about the sound that comes out of your mouth.  It’s the heart behind the sound and actions.  I have only recently come to the strong belief that worshipping at home during the week is of paramount importance ...not just on Sundays in church.  I never heard of it until a couple years ago.  It can look like anything and every family/person is different but I challenge you to give it a try.    

Raw, authentic, and loosie goosie and my boys start our mornings out with or two worship songs (usually by Bethel, Bethel Kids, or Worshipmob) which lasts 10-20 minutes.  Sometimes we lift our hands, or get on our knees, or jump up and down, or dance.....sometimes even laugh or’s God’s time.  There are no expectations, we just show up and give praises to a God who gave of Himself freely and generously.  Not every morning is that easy going, peaceful or put together, let’s be honest. One day I might go ‘live’ with us worshipping to make it more’s a thought. What do you think? 

While we’re in the boat with honesty I might as well say I’m guilty of missing a day or two or getting side tracked, distracted, lazy, or methodical...going through the motions.  I’m not perfect my any means.  I’m trying to be a better version of myself every day....even if some days feel like I’m trudging through muck.

Remember: It’s all about loving on the One who made you so perfectly you and loves you more than you realize.  Try it, Turn on some YouTube Worshipmob video and rock out your version of worship even if you feel one is watching.  

Habit #2

 Reading Time

I love the days where I get up before the kids and read my Bible .... peace....ha!  Moms you know this is hit or miss....mostly miss. Truth be told, morning comes so early and I’m an ease-into-my-day kinda gal so my kids try to give me grace. 

The point is grow your life.  

Live Decorated. 

Reading my Bible powerfully gives me clarity, it calms me, it allows me to see the goodness of God and helps me center myself for the day ahead.  I don’t always understand what I read.   Sometimes I move on to another passage, sometimes I just sit with one...over and over until it’s in me.  Sometimes I don’t wanna read. Sometimes I wanna go back to sleep.  It’s weird.  I stay flexible and gentle through the process.  

Habit #3


Time spend time with God means more me than anything. I love talking with Him as if He’s my Father.... ‘cause He is...and my Best Friend.... ‘cause He is....and King of Kings... ‘cause He is.  I tell Him my hopes and dreams, I ask Him for protection, I pray for my kids and my husband, healing for a friend, resources to do what we need to do and direction how to get where He wants to take me.

Listening: I try to spend time listening although, as you most likely know, stillness isn’t really in my repertoire ...What can I say?  I do put forth my best effort, nonetheless.  

Resting and listening are two big challenges for me, it’s no secret.  It’s important not only to talk to God but allow Him to actually respond.  This may sound foreign to you.  How can I hear God? The truth is you may never hear an audible voice like in the movie Field of Dreams ‘built it and they will come’ but getting a sense or a knowing in your gut is sometimes all the word you need.  

Move toward the peace.  

Even if it’s hard. 

Even if it’s uncomfortable.  

He will give you peace as you move in the right direction. 

My world is currently being shaken by this....following His plan isn’t always the easiest way, yet I have such peace in the journey!!!  

We’re facing some pretty big things in the months ahead and I constantly remind myself: 

God will always make a way!!!

Growing Closer to God: The Main Thing.

I was telling my husband today how hyper aware I am of my relationship with God right now.  I always want to be growing closer to Him in greater and deeper love everyday.  

Years past God would pour out a blessing on me and I’d be so distracted by the things...the blessings.....the new friends, the yachts, glamorous job, world traveling lifestyle ... all the fluff had me slowly pulling away ... I was having such fun with the blessings I lost sight of the Blesser.  I unwittingly drove a wedge between me and Daddy God and before I knew it I was doing things my way, not even consulting God on what moves to make and inevitably landed myself into a heap of trouble....time and again. My spiritual roller coaster ride became a dangerously repetitive cycle with some whacked out highs and tragic lows....

So this my life increases in busyness and doors begin opening ... as we move into a real home next month....(Nashville I’m comin' for ya)....I will lean into Him and trust deeper. 

Life is Blossoming...

I’ll finally be coming out of my cocoon as the beautiful butterfly He made me to be (hopefully not in a bathing suit in public).  This is really how I see it.  I’m humbly changing to be more kind, compassionate, giving, thoughtful and centered......not perfect....just softer. 

I will not be distracted by the beautiful blessings, which are the light of eternity.  And I’ll keep my eyes set on Jesus, the One who gave His life for me to be free and loved.  Without conditions and without reserve.  

One final note: If you’re strong in your spirit you’ll be able to make wiser choices and you’ll actually want to take care of yourself on every front...mind, body and yes, spirit.  So go forward in peace.  

Worship, read and pray.

Make your own path. 

find your own way.

Write down your dreams. 

Make them plain.

Encourage others. 

Lift up His name.

Live Decorated. 

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Love y’all mucho,



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