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3 Ways to Live Decorated Today

The past 24 hours have offered me an incredible opportunity to exercise grace in my life.  You can check out my instagram posts if you wanna know more.  Basically I was challenged to respond to anger and accusation with kindness and intentionally soft words.  This is major breakthrough in my life.  I’ve always been a fighter.  Don’t mess with me or I’m gonna take you down, kinda thing.  The way I handled this client was a testiment to the work God is doing inside of me.   No way I could have been kind without the love of God pouring in and through me!  I know me.....I’m not that nice.  But something is changing in my heart.  He is giving me compassion for others.  We’re all hurting and we need to see caring in another’s eyes. 

All this drama got me thinking about the little ways I’ve intentionally been living decorated.....from the inside out.  I’m compiling my list of 30 things to live a decorated life.  Today I’d like to offer you 3 ways I’m decorating my life in this moment.  

3 ways to Live Decorated

Be in the Moment:

The first and most pressing life decorating tip I have may seem too obvious .... it’s being in the moment ... fully and uniquely to your personality ... in the present ... sensitive to those around you ... thoughtful in conversation ... attentive in listening ... observant of the beautiful details with a joyful matter what others try to do to see your ugly side.

Live in the moment and give your all to being present and kind.  Really look into their eyes. See them. Don’t try to change them. Don’t shrug them off because they disagree with you or you don’t understand them, or they’re unkind.  Even if they don’t look like your Pinterest board, or wear clothes you approve of.  I mean come on now. 

Words we Speak:

Next, and equally important, we have our words.  The sounds that come out of our mouth delivered through the collaboration of our lips, tongue, jaws, brain and vocal chords are exceedingly more powerful than we give them credit for.  

I’m working on using my words to shape my future, not to describe my now. You can put that on a T-shirt. #livedecorated 

A few minutes after I get ready every morning I take the time to speak life into myself and keep me on a direct path to success by visualizing the greatness to come.  I’ll also steal a moment every evening before bed.  I speak my goals out in present tense as if I already see them in my reality.  Currently I read them out loud.  I don’t want to even miss one and I’m being very deliberate with word placement and application.  

Truth is, the imagination is a useful tool in getting to where you want to be. I don’t have it down just yet but I’m making strides.  Won’t you join me? We can lift each other up in this wild, adventurous game of life. 

Grow Yourself:

Lastly, (for this post anyway) grow yourself.  Remember, it’s the small changes that really stick so start small, be purposeful stay focused and act kindly.  Ok that needs to be a bumper sticker....I’m on a roll. 

You’ve heard me say it before yet it begs to be repeated ... listen to podcasts, read, watch YouTube videos....grow as a person and you’ll improve your whole self....we all need it. I more than most.  We all benefit from one person rising to a new level. There is no place for comparisons or jealousy. We support each other and rejoice when one of us finds great success.  The time is right. Right now. 

Just a travel-life update:

We arrived in Austin Saturday then I ran away to my sisters in San Antonio (check out the latest vlog HERE) I’m beyond elated to be embarking on this journey to Nashville coming the end of this month. 

Mainly because I get to show y’all my version of living decorated from an interior design point of view, first hand, as I fill every corner and inch of our new home.  Going from nothing to a full functioning, beautiful 4 bedroom home instantly and within the confines of a budget will most certainly be interesting....let’s watch God move. 

I want to take you along for this decorated, adventurous ride so make sure to join my Facebook group Living Decorated with Blu Wyatt.  You won’t miss a thing that rolls outta these pipes.   

Don’t act shy. 

Introduce yourself. 

I’d love to know something that jumps out at you about the way you live decorated intentionally.  

Take a small step toward a goal today. 

Just a baby step. 

Make a phone call.  

Sign up for a class.  

Write a blog post.  

Create something. 

Sit still. 


Purge a closet. 

Give to the poor.  

Use your imagination. 

Dream big, my friend.  

I’m here to encourage women to be the best they can be and I’m talking to myself here too.  Good day and may grace embrace you warmly as you rest in who Gods called you to be.  

Rise up, 

Love y’all,


Live decorated from the inside out and all around. 

Till next time....check out the YouTube channel HERE and follow me on Instagram @blu_wyatt HERE.   


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