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7 ways to be IN THE MOMENT

I must admit a secret I’ve been hiding, shopping at Costco gets me giddy.  Not the crowded parking lot or throngs of people pushing through the madness ...or the checkout lines that trail on forever blocking ALL flow of traffic (where you spend 75% of your time there)...or the difficulty finding things in the giant aisles …..or the mysteriously missing directional signs…..WHERE are they?  Or even sitting in their gas line for 45 minutes (just to save a couple bucks).

No, I could do without all that mayhem.   Yet, in the midst of the chaos I've decided to be cool, calm, collected and aware of others around me. They all have very busy lives as well and probably don't want to be waiting in line with me. They're important too and if I can be present in the moment enough to touch someone else's life with a smile, a gesture, a word, then I'd say it's a good day.

My secret is….I just love owning stuff in bulk!  Certain things should NEVER run out, my dear reader…….imagine: to be left without toilet paper?!  Quite the atrocity, I assure you!  The other truth of the matter is as long as there is plenty cereal, milk, bread & butter I know I can feed myself for weeks!   The fact that I can’t cook could have something to do with my limited palette.  Cereal and toast could complete my diet (if it weren’t for Mr. Chef Hero Pants a.k.a. my husband)

Back to BULK .... having supplies, food, coffee, and toothpaste at hand means provision…in some deep place in my soul I feel taken care of.  We grew up on food stamps and black and white labeled generic brands with only enough to barely get by.  So I never had the experience of buying more than just one or two of any items....with the exception of hamburger helper and mac n cheese boxes, lets be real!  

moving right along….to the

main reason for this blog:

I want to take a quick sec to encourage you to be in each and every moment leading up until your Christmas celebration and decorating it as if life depended on it.  I decided since I have to do it anyway might as well enjoy it…..whatever IT is.

ONE: Be right where you are with joy….even if that means bringing joy to a traffic jam….it’s all in how you choose to see your situation and the attitude you choose to have.  You can silence the noise and pray if you’re alone or you can turn off the music and have a meaningful (or silly) conversation with your people….they need some connection too. 

TWO: If you’re baking then bake and love the process…..if you’re wrapping gifts then thank God for the opportunity to give… grateful for each blessing.  if you’re working then work with gladness…your job helps you afford generosity.  Basically everything you set your hand to in that moment deserves your attention and focus.  Add a smile to create an extra special moment!!!

THREE: Take pictures….whenever the thought comes just snap a shot.  filter and post when the fam. goes to bed.  You’ll have these memories for years to come….you’ll thank me later. 

FOUR:  Live your best, most decorated life.  Translated:

heck, pour some egg nog, slip into a warm robe, slide on some fuzzy slippers, play some Christmas music like Michael Buble (with an accent thing over the E….which I can’t figure out how to add)…..or watch a mushy, predictable yet highly addictive Hallmark movie with some people you love.  Decorate your life inside and out however that looks for you. 

FIVE:  take time to rest and recharge.  You must sleep at night, I know, I’ve always had the sleep is overrated mentality but it’s really NOT.  Even sitting down for 20 minutes to read a book or magazine (preferably not on a tech device) can lift your spirits and energize your soul.  Take a break from your screens, play a game with the family, read a book together, sit alone in the corner with your eyes closed (maybe even put some soaking worship music in the background to stifle the sounds of life).  Maybe you have a park nearby with a pond (or any kind of water) where you can sit and observe nature.....?

You can bring rest in your life no matter your season.  

SIX: leave a little early.  Strange advice for living in the moment but you’ll release yourself from major tension if you leave a little early to get anywhere and decide to enjoy your commute, get there early and even have a few quiet moments to yourself before going into that store, hair salon, job, appointment, coffee shop….anywhere you go…..give yourself the gift of time.

SEVEN:  take time to show you care.  This could be spending some time with someone you love, admire or respect.  Ask questions, listen for the answer.  It’s not just about gifts wrapped in fancy paper and bows….its the gift of time and attention.  This could be with a coworker, friend, mom, sister, and even strangers.  Eye contact and active listening is so powerful and can decorate any moment.  Whether you take 23 seconds in passing or a couple hours diving in, do so with love and compassion.

Tune into each task, errand, to-do, conversation, text or email.  Even gridlock mall shopping or lining up for Costco gas can be pleasurable if you make it so.  No matter your situation or responsibilities you can turn each moment into a decorated memory.  It’s your choice.  

Leave me an idea or thought you have to remind us to be in the moment this holiday season.  I’d love to hear from you.   

God Bless and Merry Christmas!



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