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A day of redecorating: my mess

The clearest fact I know is this......Cleaning is categorically boring. Another equally crystal tidbit of knowledge is that I must constantly be in motion (or suffer the consequence of falling asleep)...true story and completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Back to my sucks!

I ask you, who in their perfectly formed, undamaged skull would WANT to clean their home? For fun? Unthinkable. However, I’ve heard these people do actually fact, I suspect my sister may actually be one of them.

I’m here, at my sister’s house in San Antonio for another one of our visits. Amanda is one of the few that understand how I operate. My energy comes from creating, not tidying up the aftermath. She doesn’t mind picking up the pieces after my whirlwind transformations take over her house. We just balance each other.

You see, some people lift you up, my sister is one of those people.....she fuels me, drenches me and my boys in the Word, supports my crazy videos, and usually just laughs and joins the ride when I have some outlandish idea (in the middle of the night, no less). Together we can do anything....that’s not just how I’s pretty much our reality.

So, usually when I arrive on the scene I ask for the projects we can get ourselves into. Inevitably and swiftly she points me in the right direction. Mess, here I come. Oh, that’s right, you don’t know this about me....I’m not only embrace the fact that I’m a hot mess, I’m pretty good at creating them’s just something I do for the people I love around me....I’ve been designated the most creative mess-maker in the family.....this title has allowed me certain....shall we say....”privileges”?

Allow me to extrapolate; yesterday, we transformed a living room from head to toe in four hours. Including white washing the fireplace, moving all the shelves and furniture, painting every wall, big and small, teaching the children education type things, replacing all the furniture, adding a sofa slip cover, and cooking dinner. The beauty of all this? I didn’t have to tidy up a bit.

It’s no secret around here.....I’m not much for cleaning up. I’m more into transforming the space to be more interesting. And making unforgettable memories in the process. I’m totally the one to start the projects; saw, sew, paint, scratch, screw, staple, bake, or make art out of something ... then walk away....leaving dust, paint fumes, glitter or flour filling the air. So there, in that place of mayhem, is where I typically leave my sister (or mom, aunt, any number of friends and occasionally a client)...sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, putting things away, cleaning paint brushes or a number of other easily managed jobs I can get away with outsourcing.

But this isn’t always realistic. Sometimes we just HAVE TO clean, don’t we?

Well, if we must, this is how I would recommend going about it....start by rearranging all the furniture, of course....bonus points for painting the walls (thus being the only time ever requiring a baseboard washing)....and extra credit for wiping off the excess paint I accidentally got on the ceiling ....oops!

Visiting people, like my sister, who allow me to operate in my gifting of living decorated (teaching them to do the same) and leaving the cleanup for the onlookers is my golden ticket. I may not visit very often so when I do we cram all sorts of projects, ideas, conversations, home schooling assignments, haircuts, shopping, wine, cheese, and art projects into the time span of micro moments and sprinkle them with homemade sugar cookies and stinky cheese (but not together....cause that would be gross).

Bottom line: decorating trumps cleaning.....any day.

I know, not a deep thought provoking kind of blog today....sometimes I keep things light and airy. No matter what you do today give it your ALL.....your focus and attention, your talents and abilities, your gumption and go get-em-ness, your patience and resilience. You got this. Would love to hea about your projects in the works. Or in the wings....either are equally important. Comment or leave a picture below:) oh and warch the little video below of all the action.

God bless in a big way,


Blu Wyatt


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