• Blu Wyatt

Act as if...

Act as if.

You’ve heard it.

When you’re going through a version of hell no one can possibly fathom, your innate acting abilities kick in. Do they not? You act as if you’re fine as a flower.....nothing is shaking you. Everything is great, you hold it all together. I’ve been taught this, specifically when I entered into the modeling world. It became engrained.

Act as can do it!

We’re all walking through.

We all have our mess.

Suck it up.

Stand tall.

Make them think you’ve got it all.

No one wants to hear about problems. Or see the mountains we face. Or so we think.

We ask.....

Can I share? With whom?

How do I say it? I’m in a hell. I got shit goin on?

What do we say?

How do we reach out for help?

But....I don’t feel like it! I can’t even think clearly. Words can’t describe. I don’t want to bring someone down with my problems. What do you expect!? We’re not all always ok.

It’s ok to say I’m down....pick me!

You....reading this......Cry your tears...don’t hold them back because of how things will look to outsiders.....get your bestest of friends to sit down with a bottle of wine and cookie dough. It’s the best!

Talk it out. Over tears and spaghetti.

It’s totally ok to share. You’d be surprised how many people are facing giants. Battles no one knows a thing about. You have not a clue what goes on behind someone’s closed doors. The junk faced. The silent tears that fall when no ones looking.

Truth be told, I’m walking a road....a path I didn’t expect. Some things I didn’t see coming. I’ve been knocked down. I’m literally in the fight. I shall disclose no more’s my deal. I’m praying for a mighty move of God to change me through this phase and I wanted to encourage you that if you’re moving through a tough time.....your heart is splayed’ve’ve’ve turned from a’re at a loss for words....the pain feels unbearable......

....I get you. I’m here!

But more importantly God is here. He said He’d never leave us. Even when we feel all hope is lost. This is NOT the’s simply a new beginning.

What does your current season look like? What mountain do you face? What are you expecting? What can you let go of? What are you listening to? Where does your hope lie? How are you choosing to respond to the challenges life has dealt you?

Times may be trying.

It may feel heavy

You may see darkness.

But I assure you of this.....that dark cloud is lifting.

Yes, I believe there is more. More to this crazy life. We can see past the pain...even if not now, a time will come when we can see more clearly. We all need prayer. A helping hand. Someone to care.

Be encouraged.

Your hope is at hand.

Your victory is right around the corner.

Rise strong my dear one.

Stand firm.

Hold your ground.

You’ve got this.

Embrace your gift.

Shout it out.

Make it known.

Don’t be afraid of the side glances

They’re not meant for you.

People are hurting.

The don’t know where to turn.

Let us be the light in the darkness for all the world to see. You can walk through hell and hold your head high. This is JUST a season.

Hope is Rising! Take your place. Embrace your messy’s all yours.

Much love and an extra dose of empathy,

Blu Wyatt


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