• Blu Wyatt

Always Be Ready for Change

3am alarm

Disoriented and sleepy-eyed I slowly readied myself for my early morning trip to California.  Redding, CA to be more specific.  

This isn’t just any ole trip this is a personal and spiritual growth experience.  This is an intensive prophecy conference at Bethel Church.  I’m open to whatever God wants to do starting with the dude, Gravy from Nashville.  I mean, come on with that name.....that’s God just decorating my life.  I assure you, the adventure has begun.  

It’s been a while since I’ve flown somewhere alone.  You see, I got the call a few days ago from the friend I was supposed to have this wild adventure with, saying she could no longer go.  Oh sure I was sad to hear it but the way I see it, everything happens for a reason.  Apparently God wanted me to have this experience on my own.  

I’m no stranger to traveling solo.  For years it was just me...buzzing here and there....meeting new people, making great memories, traveling the globe. Ever since I got married (nearly 11 years ago) and had a couple boys I’ve been enjoying traveling family style.  

Not this time.  I’m footloose and fancy free.  No one waiting on me or expecting anything of me.  It’s kinda liberating.

Often, if we’re open, God will send little surprises our way.....

in the package of another person, a chance meeting, or random conversation.   Be open for anything.  Don’t just get stuck in your your own private bubble.  Look around you.  So many lives with real stories of love and pain, clarity and confusion, joy and sorrow.  

God may have you right there for that other person.  You might have a word for that stranger sitting next to you.  You might need to know him/her for one reason or another.  Open yourself up to the possibilities life, and more specifically God, throws at you.  

Remind yourself nothing is impossible and you CAN do this!

Now off to my great adventure.  (Check me out on Instagram (even better, IGTV) to stay up to date with this week’s happenings.)

This post was written a few days ago right before I stepped on Bethel campus and my life was changed forever.  Praying about how to articulate it all and share it in bite size portions so I’ll be back soon with an update.  God bless y’all and remember nothing is impossible......with God!!!

Love y’all, 



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