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am i political?

Updated: Sep 23, 2017

The question is: are you?

Or shall we even go there?

Man, I have major hesitation with this volatile, fragile subject.

Just as a heads up: I should honestly confess to you, I have my ways of knowing the absolute minimum required to live on this planet. Just enough?'s not complacency or apathy...nor is it an excuse I'm making, it's a choice. It's wisdom. In order to live my life with truth and love flowing out of me I choose to shield myself from too much "news" and negativity ... after a while if I delve in too deep it starts to affect me. I've suffered from bi-polar depression, OCD, and a number of other acronyms all my life ... I've already told you ... and I don't need to fuel any fire that could explode with a flick of the get me? I know me well enough to know what is good to ingest and what to stay away of whom would not be the M&M's I have stashed in the closet....YUM (a life necessity).

One might ask the question: why don't you address the cesspool of fake news, slander, gossip, over-reactions, hate, and even off-colored opinions in your blog? Dude....have you read my blog?! I have my reasons for keeping my feelings to myself up until now. I have the freedom to make my own decisions ... to filter what I allow into my eye gate and ear I can ultimately control what comes out of my mouth gate and into my life. Follow?

I don't take hours out of my day researching, listening to speeches, googling, watching the random videos in my Facebook feed, reading blogs, etc. in order to keep abreast of what's happening moment to moment. We all have busy lives.

Let me ask you....

How is it that you keep up with what's going on in the world? Do you dip into the news daily? Do you share your opinions? And if you so, do you speak with kindness and respect?

There are a few trusted sources I like and trust to feed me some real-news-truth-serum. But don't let me fool you.... I don't check in fact, the thought of that it is true hilarity!

Hey man, listen, I'm an artist...a creative...a lover...not a fighter...a blogger...a peace-maker...and a booty shaker.

Yes...I come to this world to SHINE a light.

To make a difference (I'm sure I'll start soon with that one). To share love...even when I'm irritated at the check out girl for taking forever on the slow lady 3 bodies in line in front of me who wants to write a check...I mean, who does that?!! I know you feel me there....that's where my love tank needs a little refill.

Back to the subject at easily distracted.

I know this is deep stuff but there is only ONE thing I know : prayer is the most powerful weapon we have!

If I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it I run to God for help or advice. Do I always get an answer? NO. Should I have run to Him in the first place? YES. Do I get frustrated with the way this country and our people are so badly misbehaving? That's a resounding YES. Like raving lunatics ... if you ask me. I must pray for them.

I realize this post may seem a bit vague in terms of political views...maybe even a little bland...but I don't want to start a fight I will most certainly not enter the ring for. Haters just wanna battle. They don't care about freedom or peace or other people's point of view. They care about their agenda and ruining everything in their path if necessary.

I could take a paragraph or two to really hone in on my view of what's going on.....and even on controversial subjects ... but what would it help? What would change? How would it affect our relationship? What do you care? Do we really need one more voice in the sea of voices shouting their opinions from the rooftops? Exactly....NO!

Wait a hot doggone second.....I mean, hate groups should at least get a shout out....would you agree? You Suck! No one likes you...go home to mama's basement and cover your head with the covers. Write in your journal, get a therapist, find a church. Go AWAY!

But the thing is....they won't listen....not even to the profound wisdom being spewed forth. Just GO! I pray you'll have an encounter with God .... The Creator of all things and His son Jesus before you leave this earth. Peace be with you

Let me end with this :

edited: I don't believe in getting in petty arguments over such topics as politics or religion. I bashed far left liberals a bit in my unedited version. This has nothing to do with my love-spirited liberal friends whom I still disagree with on many subjects but have never been ugly about their views. I know many like this who just spread peace and "good vibes" but I'm thinking of the vehemently opinionated lefties. i just get a bit riled up when people judge and toss around unkindness and intolerance toward those with opposing views.

In answer to the first question I asked: am I political? The answer is NO. This is the most political I've ever been or plan to be again. I hope I haven't offended your sweet heart! But that's all I have to say about that.

Love your neighbor!


Scroll down for a few pics of our Oregon and California coast tour just this past weekend. Even if you only come back for the pictures ... come back. Let's hang...comment and share with all of us something positive.


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