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Art creations and bullet points

Lately I’ve been in The Zone. My creative juices are on high alert. Measuring, shopping, cutting, sanding, drilling, painting, gluing, glittering, blinging and ultimately wiring to hang artwork has been my daily delight. Messes are everywhere (especially that fine gold pixie dust glitter I’ve been tossing about) but I kept paint splatters to a minimum.

All that creativity has my head a little scattered and my heart full. So rather than a normal blog post where I attempt literary understandability, I thought you wouldn’t mind if I stepped out of typical flow and threw some random bullet points at ya. It’s been a long Grace-filled week and I’d like to try something new to make it easier to process and organize my thoughts and loosely share them here with you.

1. Weekly update:

It’s been a week since we talked last, you realize. Here’s a snapshot of what it’s looked like.

* We spent the weekend at Aunt Sunday’s (late family Christmas)

* My Christmas gift was a gorgeous Samsonite suitcase (like a normal person, not a traveling gypsy, it’s like getting a new California closet)

* We created and burned down a bonfire

* Us girls slept in the travel camper .... our version of camping

* I recovered 6 dining room chairs (more complicated than you think)

* I created a giant modern work of art “happiness” for a local boutique....installation and pictures forthcoming....connect with me on Instagram.

* I made 4 more works of art

* I had a few well needed friend dates

2. Confession:

I found myself eating stinky cheese and ritz crackers at 10pm last night with a side of Cheerios laddened with honey. No joke....I battle the intake of junk ... on the daily. One day, goes my thinking, something in me is going to click....snap....break....or burst into this crazy desire for healthy foods and gym workouts. Come on, it’s possible. Don’t tell me I have to muster up self discipline! I’d rather paint the guest bathroom with all that cutting in, (even behind the toilet) than have to lift weights and endlessly climb a stair master. I pass.

Dang but I need it. We ALL need it. My body needs to move and work. I need clean fuel...but those tiny chocolate chip cookies my husband just baked fit so conveniently into my mouth....all 12 of them.

I digress.

3. Word of encouragement:

Let’s take a look at Comparison: the evil step sister of Judgement

The truth of the matter is you don’t know the depth of what someone has gone through or is going through .... so you can’t hold a candle of comparison to their success, status, fortune, and even outward appearance. You don’t see their insides, relationships, belief system, insecurities, fears, and attitudes. They could have a heart as black as night....all the money in the world can’t fix that hole of emptiness. On the flip side, they could be totally happy and still doesn’t give us the right to put them on a pedestal or even worse, want to be like them.

So do yourself a favor....stop looking around....stop glaring at another person’s Instagram stats wishing you had what they have. You be responsible for your own state of mind and reality. Use more energy on improving yourself than thumbing through your Facebook feed. I’m saying all this to myself as well, dear friend.

Time is now....go inward. Test your heart out...your motives, your drive. This is how we live decorated.....joyfully living in each moment knowing there is more and will be more as you set foot outside your restrictive comfort zone more and more often. That pesky comfort’s right next to the box we put God in, right?

4. Idea:

I have an idea, let’s let God out of our imaginary box of limitations and allow Him to work His purpose in our lives.....even if we can’t figure it out or put words around it ... His plans usually exist outside the realm of possible so that’s where we should want to reside. In His hands ... walking out His will ... whatever that looks like.

5. Plug:

This Monday I’m publishing a video of my newest Spoken Word named “Worth It” (episode 5) and I hope you’ll pop on over to my YouTube channel and take a peek.

Saturday I’m having an artist meet n greet kinda thing at the Little Bluebird from 10-2pm downtown Buda, Texas, folks. Come by and see me and maybe even collect a new work of art. I’m clearing it all out before I head on down the road.

6. Travel / home news:

We know we’re ready to leave Texas but we’re not exactly sure where God is leading us. We gotta stay where it’s warm so in a week or so we may be having this conversation from a white sand beach....or a lake....or nature trail....anything is possible. Keep us in your prayers ... I’m so ready to settle down and have a home to decorate...... all in God’s complaining here....we’ll just take in all this great country has to offer until we find home.

7. Tie in:

My thoughts are a bit scattered (it’s odd not being travel hippies) and I’m trying to lean into God more and stop relying on my own mind to figure things out. It’s a process. I struggle for control. Hence the random bullets replacing normal people language.

A lot can happen to a girl in a week but don’t can connect with me on Instagram and join my Facebook group Live Decorated with Blu Wyatt then you’ll be up to speed real time....also have a gander on over to my YouTube show for some entertainment.

Love y’all bunches,

Blu Wyatt


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