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At least 10 ways to decorate your night.

Many of you know me from my life at sea and know I will forever be drawn to the big blue waters....sun, sand, pina coladas, tanning lotion, floppy hat, big sunnnies. Me. 

Time spent in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the Polynesian Islands, and loads of Bahamas action ....not to mention these great States all boasting heaping helpings of pure waterfront adventure.  I’ve been hooked ever since my early 20’s (just a few years ago).

Today we leave for the coast. Gulf Shores, Alabama to be precise. It’s a day we’ve been joyfully awaiting for months. I’m choosing to Live Decorated this weekend by boating, fishing, chatting with good friends, going back to an amazing church, and eating some sort of food items I’m sure.  But I came to discuss another way to Live Decorated as well: Decorating your night life.   We go into design tips and how to practicality apply them to your bedroom read on... This week’s design discussion is all about what lives next to the bed .... there are a lot of things to consider when deciding on a bed side stand.

  • Consider it’s purpose:  You’ll need a home for a lamp, an alarm (some use their phones but come on....I recommend having your phone at least across the room so it’s not the first thing you see in the morning), a book or a few, maybe some tissues, lotion, lip balm (which all may fit in a drawer) and a place for water.  

  • Product: There are so many things you can use as a bedside table. You can use a table, proper nightstand with drawers, small bookcase, trunk, stack of big books, step stool, pile of suitcases, ottoman with a tray, even a floating shelf depending on the space your find yourself constrained to.  

  • Size, height, weight:  Consider the size of your bed, the length of the wall and height of the bed.  You’ll want a nightstand about the same height as your bed so when you roll over it’s not a strain to find it.  I like to keep both tables similar size, heights and visual weight.  Meaning I wouldn’t have an old trunk on one side and a dainty, leggy piece on the other. They should balance each other as best you can.  

  • Color: Don’t be afraid to paint wood any color you darn well please because after all it’s YOUR home. I tend to go with light neutrals at the moment because dark, dated, shiny wood feels too heavy for me. It’s just a personal preference which changes nearly seasonally. You could also go bold and rich as long as it coordinates with your bedding, rug, headboard, and accessories.

  • Make a statement: I’m a big fan of a statement piece in each room. Something to get you talking. Or thinking.  Nightstands can be just that....coupled with a stunning work of art and tie it together with a glorious rug (something soft underfoot) and you’re set!

  • Take into consideration the size of the room, bed, dressers, length of the want the space to feel welcoming, balanced and cohesive in the same breath.  If your room is small you might want to get nightstands with drawers so they can double as dressers ... then you don’t weigh down your room with too many big, solid pieces.  

Along the lines of night things. Let’s talk bedtime routines. Fact is, most of us spend a lot of our lives lying dormant .... so might as well prepare for the adventure.  I like to consider bedtime the second part of my day ... so sometimes I get ready when everyone else is going to bed and then I stay up a few hours longer just to catch up on things needing attention.  

You gotta be intentional order to decorate my night I am gonna get ready for bed just like I would get ready for work....only opposite.  It’s a transition into dream land and should be given as much attention as a morning routine.

10 things to do before bed

  • Review your calendar for the next day (not too close to bedtime and before you start winding down)

  • Speak over yourself with your mirror minute. Read below for details. 

  • Take a bath (some like showers instead....or you can can wait to the morning to bathe....or both...your call.

  • Brush your teeth (non negotiable) and Floss (cause it’s the right thing to do)

  • Wash your face (you deserve it even if you don’t bathe at night) and Moisturize (a good night cream goes a long way toward younger looking skin...(not an ad))

  • Get dressed in your most comfortable bed clothes (without tears or stains....girl, throw those out) or buck naked if your fly free at night (in that case at least get a robe)

  • Set the alarm

  • Drink a glass of water and put a full one on the nightstand (or in the bathroom, or across the room) to drink first thing when you wake up (with lemon if you can swing it)

  • Read or listen to an uplifting book or podcast on your headphones before bed....something easy and uncomplicated...there are videos on YouTube I’d highly recommend before bed. Search ‘soaking music’.  warning: this is not for everyone it might draw you closer to God. But for heavens sake stay away from the news and/or social media before bed....too many reasons.

  • Pray (I always talk to God before signing out for the day...this is my most powerful life skill I recommend to the world)

Sleep.  I’m finally (for the first time in my life) embracing sleep as a normal function of my body, mind and spirit.  I fought sleep for many years.  I always felt there was something more to do, one more thing to accomplish, one more project to finish, more emails to answer, another room to decorate......then I noticed the sun coming up....oops forgot to go to sleep again....

Decorated Inspiration, Motivation and Call To Action:: 

I want you to take time out to have a mirror meeting (mirror minute). List all the things you’re believing to see come to pass over your life. The qualities you want to adopt as part of you. I have a list of about 52 things I want to experience, embrace, be, or possess right next to my mirror and as I get ready I say these things to myself while looking into my eyes.  This time is very powerful. You see yourself saying life-building words of hope, you hear yourself proclaiming over your future, you feel yourself believing your words.  This is self care, my friends.

Change is coming.  If you not only let it but lead it in. Wrap your ever loving arms around HOPE and get a vision for what you want to see happen for you ... then walk toward that thing one baby step at a time.  In pure Dave Ramsey fashion.  

Sample: I tell myself that my tongue is like the pen of a skillful writer. My lips have been given the ability to speak gracious words. I am a light to the world around me. I’m fit, strong, active and I love my belly! (Your have to know I come from serious self hatred because of my imperfect belly... no more!)   I also say I’m favored, filled with peace and joy and I have the mind of Christ.  Plus lots more practical, physical, and spiritual goals I’m not about to list here. 

Apply these simple tips for Living Decorated and you’ll soon notice things shift in your favor. Here’s to no longer peaking at 4am!   Love y’all,💙Blu

Thing I’m Loving Right Now: my trusty fuzzy robe and slippers combo for sustaining my third wind spell (if it’s a thing) into the wee hours of the morning....or at least till 11?


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