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Biggish Announcement....BluBerry Street

Hey friends and neighbors… may already know this but I have a quasi biggish announcement…you may have already seen my FB post video.  I’m officially active …..I’ve been working on getting my Tennessee real estate license for a few months now and well, here ya go...!

In selecting a broker to house my license, I’d love to announce that I’ve signed with the best, Music City Experts, as agent #55 (best number!).  Laura Dahl (I get to call her "Lola Doll"….preciousness) is the owner/broker.  “Lola" is the most perfect fit for me and my loud, colorful personality!!!  During our first meeting I noticed their marketing had the hashtag #DeliberatelyDifferenton everything.  Bam!  Confirmation for my soul. 

I’ve been fiddling around with a new name and logo for our group ... my honey bun, Marc Aaron and I came up with BluBerry Street Realty Group.  

You might ask...”what is BluBerry Street?” 

It’s more than real estate...way more!  It’s  anchored in fun, love, service and Jesus.  That about sums it up but, going deeper, I want to create a community.....a neighborhood where you come to be entertained, informed, encouraged, inspired and loved.  Like Mr. Rogers neighborhood, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in.  Seems cheesy but I want to create this neighborhood for people (G rated - obviously) to come get loved on, informed, entertained and inspired to greatness!  

Listen, we acknowledge everyone knows a realtor....or 11....just join the fabulous journey on BBS and get a flavor for the experience we create .... we’ll be decorating the process with glitter, fun and stress free guidance.....

and doesn’t hurt that Marc Aaron has sold over a thousand homes!  

So no matter where you live, you’re welcome to join us on BluBerry Street where the grass is always green, kindness abounds, we share motivation, strive to be the best version of ourselves, and shine the light of Jesus.  Here’s our mission in bullet point fashion.  Below we have the guy version and my version...

BluBerry Street mission statements:

.....guy version:

  • Help people.

  • Have fun. 

  • Real Estate match maker 

  • Shine the light of Jesus

 .....girl version:  

  • To create beauty around us by living fully in the moment...joyfully and intentionally

  • To create meaningful relationships with acceptance and kindness, minus judgement

  • To walk this life with each other....being good neighbors

  • To serve people with care & compassion

  • Help folks find the perfect home where they can laugh, love and Live Decorated every day of their lives 

  • To shine brightly for Jesus, seeing lives changed across nations

I hope you’ll join us on The Street (BluBerry that is) as we unveil more of who we are and what we’re all about.  

Here’s our FB link.....and our Instagram handle....there’s more to come as we adventure together. Won’t you join us? 

LOVE Ya'll ..... Blu

Blu Wyatt

Music City Experts
Mobile: 615-241-0207
Office: 615-815-1295

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