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Butterfly Kisses in Bullet Form

Howdy y’all, It’s another day to celebrate life.  It’s another week I’m choosing to be faithful in posting a video and a blog post ... so that feels pretty fantastic.  Even if my thoughts are running in a few dozen directions, I’m celebrating (always) by living decorated.  In this moment it means sitting alone with my many thoughts....and turning them over to God.  It means trying my all to listen.  To not let the incessant ringing in my ears distract me from really tuning in on a deeper level.

Don’t feel guilty when you spend time being quiet.  It’s not only a luxury or a suggestion, it’s a necessity to decorating life.  The Creatir of all things wants to spend time with us and we needto spend time with Him. ... it’s just good pairing, my friends.   

Alone time to think and meditate and process the direction of your life is of the utmost of importance.  It’s also necessary in order to gauge whether or not you’re on the right path...making the right decisions.  


Let’s jump off that train and talk about something entirely off point.....spray tan. I love me a good spray tan, y’all.  It’s my favorite accessory.  For a few reasons....I look healthier, I wear less makeup and I can wear shorts without exposing folks to the ‘most 3D display of veins’ sprawling all over my white legs. You don’t even need special glasses to see the blue and purple wiggly lines protruding through my skin (or so it seems).  For this reason and until I get my veins fixed a spray tan is by all means a necessity.  That’s just me.  (Confession: I’d rather get a tan than a pedi anyway ..... but come on, a lady should never have to choose). 


Shifting gears again because this is a blog about living a decorated life from the inside out, we should also touch on vision boards.  I’m reading this amazing book called Dream it. Pin it. Live it. By Terri Savelle Foy and I’m knee deep in wisdom, practical tips and advice.  I shouldn’t be the first to inform you that it’s ok to dream BIG and envision those dreams coming to reality....hence the reason for pinning pictures on a vision board and keeping it in front of your eyes ... looking at it everyday.  

A vision is a powerful tool and weapon.  We can do more with a clearer vision for our future.  The clearer the vision the easier it is to actually see it come to pass. 


I feel like I should have a wee bell to ring between topics of conversation ... like a chess match.  


I appreciate that y’all can keep up.  

I’m writing a book. Right now it’s just posted on WattPad app.  A coffee table book of our big, wild, family adventure of leaving everything to travel far away lands looking earnestly for a new home base to plant some seeds and grow roots.  Of all the places, we chose Nashville, for reasons which remain unknown at this point.  

A door is on the verge of opening....and truly anything is possible.  


There’s honestly so much to this story and telling it is one of my greatest challenges.  What to say, what to keep private, what doesn’t matter and what will make a difference?  We all have the potential to make a difference in the life of another by simply stringing together the right words, delivered with bold authenticity and pure sincerity.  Let’s be life changers by living decorated moment by moment, word by word, thought by thought, gesture by gesture, choice by choice.  It’s a way of life.  It’s a way to walk.  

Living Decorated.  


Next week I have a cool announcement so stay tuned and as always, keep up with me on Instagram ... that’s really where it all goes down.  And my Facebook group page where all the Lives happen....keep up with those fun videos and we’ll stay tuned in.  

Love y’all BIG loads of laundry....clean of course, 



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