• Blu Wyatt

Change Gonna Come

A shift in direction or flow of familiarity can make for a stressful leg of any journey.  


You’ve got no idea what’s coming right around the corner. 

Restructuring and revamping can happen at any turn and can even be essential to your growth and promotion. It could be because of a decision you made or a mistake, an accident, the end of a relationship, loss of a job, baby or money.....these things can make you feel down, like you’ll never get back up. A setback can really be a set UP for something greater than you could’ve imagined. 

Reminds me of the song...

‘Change gonna come’.... 🎵 

Things will shift. You can bet your britches on that well-dressed (partly musical) factoid.  

Not all change is bad, some change is good....even great.  A new baby, a new job, a promotion, healing in your body or a relationship, a good haircut, a gift in the mail, the sale or purchase of a home. 

Are you ready for your next season?  Are you stretching yourself? Are you allowing yourself to be prepared? Are you loosening the reigns of control you’ve unwittingly white-knuckled for so many years?  Are you ready for the hard questions?  

It’s hard to let go of control.  It’s even harder at times to trust that God can turn anything around for good.  Let me give you a real life example:

In short, my husband and I faced colossal crisis while living in Austin and in a matter of days decided to uproot and move to a farmhouse in an isolated Iowa cornfield.  ‘Closer to Grandpa’, we said.  We used my 90 y.o. Gramps as an excuse to relocate. It was as if we needed to get far away from familiarity to heal our marriage and souls.  God was luring us into our wilderness season where we learned silence, solitude, rest and trust.  

Fast forward 2 beautiful years of farmlife through selling all our possessions, moving onto the road (literally living in Air BnB’s for 10 months), looking for home and here we are....long, adventurous story made very very short we found our home in Nashville, Tennessee.  Had we never gone through the fire in Austin we never would’ve moved away and launched our future. 

We’ve changed tremendously.  We now have a deeper relationship with each other and God, our Maker. I wouldn’t change a thing.  I wouldn’t even wish away our rocky turmoil because God has proven He can turn anything and everything around for good.  

It takes time.  I’m not gonna lie, it was rough.  I cried an ocean of tears....I thought I was done for.  Life was dull and grey but even in the midst of all the junk I kept my focus on Him and intentionally chose to Live Decorated. I saw each moment, each hardship, each challenge as an opportunity to live more beautifully.  We get the choice how we respond to change, whether happy or sad.  Regardless, choose peace and joy.

Get ready. Live ready. No matter what shows up on your doorstep lean into God who created you wonderfully and loves you beyond imagination. 

There’s your nuggets of wisdom for the week.  Choose HAPPY!

Love y’all all around this bright big world and back to our beautiful reality.



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