• Blu Wyatt

Change is a constant for this space!

I’m not a negative person.  In fact I like to look at the bright side of things.  However, as I reached for my iPad to start a blog post I reached for more than technology....I grappled for the right words....heck, any words! 

Rather than speaking negativity.....I will tell you this in fact is an opportunity to grow.  I must blog.  I declare words flow from me freely as I spark some sort of creativity in you....the one on the end of this line. Wisdom comes to me as I type.  Encouraging, inspiring, motivating words spew from my head onto this page.  

As I search for a topic of conversation let me shine a light into the inner workings of my life, in case you found yourself wondering. 

It just so happens that I’m redoing the living room.....again.  I’ve moved the couches and made room for a chair or two. Or a piano. Or a bench or a side board.....or just empty space. Time will tell.  It might be different by breakfast. 

I also painted an old settee that I recreated.....check out the YouTube video here. 

Church was awesome! 

Dinner on the back patio under restaurant style garden lights....Mac n cheese with chicken tenders and kinda get it done spread! 

Oh, yeah, I got a new kitty. 

Trying to train her to sleep with me starting tonight.....hopefully she’s fully potty trained and can find the potty in the middle of the night.  Surely that’ll take care of itself.   The fact that she peed on my purple velvet sofa just yesterday has no bearing on whether or not I need kitty snuggles.  Selfish, I know!  

Praying for a tidy night!  

Speaking of goodnight....I should head to bed. Forget about finishing this post with an actual point....perhaps tomorrow will produce the right words and this post will receive a well deserved edit sesh.

Love y’all mucho mas!  Live Decorated!



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