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Check out this Turquoise Table movement

I’ve started this blog post about a hundred times....ok 3 but wildly exaggerated statements are kinda my thing.

Here I stand....uncertain of what to share with you. Unsure of where to take you. They say blogging is dead. Is that so? Am I wasting my time pouring out my heart each week only to find that it just didn’t matter to anyone? Other than you, mom....thanks for reading.

Admittedly, I’m not the most put together individual in town. I’m quite the mess, in fact.

I started this 30 day challenge to be a better neighbor. Slapped a snazzy name on it “Hello Neighbor” ... then went to great lengths to produce cool emails announcing new challenges....I came outta the gate strong ...a few laps....some good ideas.... I realize we’re only halfway through .... I’ve lost speed.

I’m honestly over it. Over it in the sense that I don’t know where to take it. I imagined some huge miracle story coming out of this challenge but how can it happen if I don’t have follow through? ... I’d like to just say....”yeah, go be a good neighbor....get to know those who live around you....introduce yourself....manifest some basic acts of kindness .... make tiny ripples that create giant waves of love.”

In addition, I want my light to shine but don’t know quite how to get that done. I wanna be a good neighbor to those around me. I wanna get comfortable being uncomfortable. Stepping out isn’t as easy as poeple make it sound. Is it supposed to be? Am I complicating things too much? Nope. I hope you’ll extend me some grace since my “losing my notebook with my life written inside out to sea” excuse (as real as that was) isn’t gonna get me through the whole month.

Thanks for joining the journey....I’ll reevaluate things this weekend but for now I want you to look up Turquoise’s the front yard people movement and I’m way onboard.

To do list for real:

Inspire Hello Neighbor Challenge

Find a house

Enroll the kids in school (please Lord)

Buy beds ..... oh and EVERYTHING else that belongs in a house.


Get a job

Do the dishes

Write a book

love yall



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