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coffee and chocolate: my happy place

Fact confessional: This is NOT something I’m proud to share.

I don’t give a flying flip about food! Oh yes, the fact that I must engage in the eating process to survive keeps me on a pretty regular food consumption schedule. But if I could drink coffee and smoothies all day with a side of toast smothered in cinnamon sugar I’d be one happy mama.

I used to forget the fact that food needed to find its way past my tastebuds into my body.

Drunken stupidity: Living in Miami was a wild adventure to say the least. I had a great story to inject here about not eating for 3 days BUT my husband red lined it.. said it wasn’t I can’t tell my story but know he saved you 3 dramatic, class-less paragraphs.

Starving: I assure you I wasn’t starving myself!!! Yes, I was modeling on a small scale....see below pic.....minor gigs...but that honestly had nothing to do with my eating habits. When I ate I could put it away, trust me. I chowed! The problem was I didn’t give it that much thought, unless I was dining with friends. Forgetting to eat was a norm...daily business. I was a hot mess. I just saw (and still see) food as a necessary hassle.

Lucky Charms: brace yourself for this one. I spent most summers with my grandparents in Iowa, one in particular, no joke I ate lucky charms for every single meal.....I’m not proud of this. Grandma would even walk a few blocks to the grocery store nearly everyday because you can only imagine how many bowls it takes to feed a kid for breakfast, lunch dinner and countless snacks (which also included candy). Spoiled! Now that I think about that summer (and the fact that for the rest of my life I received a box of Lucky Charms ... AND cases of candy....for every special occasion known to man) I almost feel sick over it. Don’t you? My body has endured too much trauma over this food business.

Cooking: as if you couldn’t already figure this out... I have no idea how to cook. When you don’t care about food you don’t care about learning to make it. Make sense? The only thing I learned to cook when I was growing up was hamburger helper from a box and even that was a challenge. I know you’ve probably lost any ounce of respect you had for me in this moment and I have to be ok with that. I’m not perfect and this is just one glimpse into my many flaws.

I never heard so much about food when I was growing up! I learned to make toast, pour a bowl of cereal and press some microwave buttons (if necessary) along with my honed in skill of ordering from a menu.....this kept me alive all my life. In fact for years into my marriage I would refer to a recipe as a menu ‘cause I could never remember the word! Odd and true!

Breastfeeding: On a more private note: the reason I loved breastfeeding my babies for so long.....I never had to think....I’d just pop a nini in a mouth and good to go. I could sleep, watch TV, read a book, get extra baby cuddles (favorite) and even nurse in the car hovering over a car seat. Not something I’m proud of, friends. I mean, the whole breastfeeding till they were 2 was brilliant, on all accounts. But not the lack of caring about food....for my littles.....not impressive. Embarrassing, in fact.

Grocery shopping: When my honey cakes gives me a list to go off of I do... mediocre, at best. But without a list I’m all cereal, bread, milk...what more do we need...oh, cream and snickers bars. Enough said.

Don’t look at me like that!

Hell no! Yes!!!: I ask myself, do I want to be healthy? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. But do I want to put forth the effort it will take to get there? NO! Hell no! I NEED to make a change in order to live a longer, stronger, healthier lifestyle? Yes yes yes! So might as well suck it up and actually do something about it. Shop, prepare, eat. Seems easy enough, grin.

The lesson-learning process: Yesterday my love asked me and the boys to research 5 categories of health concerns we have for our family. Happiness, calming, brain function, breathing (he suffers from asthma) and energy (don’t we all need that). Well, you know I love to make things pretty so not only did I handwrite the somewhat sloppy checklist above with all foods and their correlating topic of concern I also made the handy dandy Pinterest worthy list i thought i might whip up for you, my friend.

Google search: Engaging in a simple google search (actually about 27 in all) doesn’t give me reason to celebrate. Now the hard work begins. I actually have to shop differently than I’ve ever grocery shopped before....with intention and a plan. I have to care, to a higher degree, about what goes into our bodies.

Attitude: Truth’s time to make a change. For real......did you see my Monday video? You can tell I haven’t got my attitude in check. Ummm....yep, I preach attitude is everything....and I guess it’s time for a wee healthy adjustment.

Our temple: This feels wild to me.....unheard of...AND inevitable. It all comes down to how we treat our ‘temple’, this body we’ve been given.... we only get one. When am I going to start loving food? Or at least caring? Maybe never. Please Lord help me give a care (or ten) for what I put into my body....and these awesome kids you’ve given me.

Coming clean: Maybe this blog post is just the beginning. Maybe this is my coming clean for the life I’ve been recklessly living. Maybe I start a new life this very moment. Maybe I struggle but then get back up and keep truckin’. All this is probable.

New friends: God keeps putting people, podcasts, articles n such into my path who are devoted to health and nutrition. It’s the new thing, I guess, I don’t remember anyone caring much about food in my years of growth. Even into adulthood. You eat. You don’t always have to talk about it. I literally laugh when I meet someone and they tell me they’re a nutritionist, physical trainer, health and wellness guru, bikini competitor or even overall health’s funny how God operates. I’m learning, Lord, I promise.

Heaven: My father and I would always talk about finally getting to heaven and not having to eat anymore. He made it there before me but I’d love to ask if that’s true. Do I have to eat in heaven? Do I care about food there? When I pass from here to my permanent home in heaven I’ll get to ask Jesus face to face about this wack-a-doodle NEED of having to eat everyday....until then this will remain a mystery to me. Nevertheless, I shall continue to the healthiest fashion I possibly can in order that I might teach my children the importance of taking care of you. I should be able to learn this lesson in the process, right?! There is hope.

Ha!Ha! I actually just walked in the kitchen and remembered I was making a PBnJ sandwich....2 hours ago, was it? Everything spread out all over the counter waiting for my wonder I’m starving. Oh and I fed the kids Lunchables for their mid day meal, people usually call lunch. Just keepin’ it real!

More reality: I just changed purses and found Twix, a lollipop, mentos and some unidentifiable hard candy colorfulness that I nearly ate. Not to mention the stash of snickers in my drawer, the cherry 7up I just drank, the Hershey’s chocolate in the fridge, the Reese’s bunnies the neighbor inflicted on us, and best not forget the chocolate cookies I plan on making tomorrow (for a gift, of course).

Alright, already.....That’s enough confessionals for one week! See you next Thursday right here. For more videos join us on YouTube. For more fun all around follow me on Instagram....or any other social media platform.

Thanks for joining our journey through watching and listening to my growth and learning endeavors. I assure you this will not turn into a health food blog where I start taking pictures of food....Lord help me should that ever happen.

that being said.....

My trip to the store yesterday evening was quite interesting in light of writing this post. Here are the pictures necessary to tell my story.

remember the mentos I told you about. 5 of them came in quite handy on the drive over....

ues i passed reluctantly by these sinful delights.....i said NO WAY!

Now while I went straight for the fresh broccoli I had something else on my mind....

Crescents.....and pizza.....

Whatever will I do? Buy both! Decide to toss mom guilt and healthy brain food aside for the duration of this shopping trip.

Rice Crispies, marshmallows,’s bout to be Jesus’ rising day and I’m not about to rob my children of the memory of making rice crispie treats with their mother. Melting the butter....stirring in the fluffy white clouds of goodness, spreading it into the pan, eating half of it before cutting it into pieces and eating more. We would share of course. Don’t judge. You’re doing eggs! Probably picked up inspiration on Pinterest....make it great....creat loads of unique to you memories!

So rather than making another bad decision.....broccoli, pineapple, and a couple cool veggies made this dinner a mix of the old and the new.

This shopping trip made me realize something.....I can start where I am......and make small decisions every single day to better improve my health and that of my family’s. Isn’t that what we all want.....healthy families?

and another thing...i did end up walking out with these.....donut holes....ate em on the way to the car....thank God i put back the oreos.

Hugs and love from your friendly and kooooookie neighbor,



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