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Creativity’s Power :: what’s your super power??

I guess you could say being an artist has always been a lifelong dream. I told myself lies that because I couldn’t draw I could never be an artist. 

I didn’t know they were lies at the time, they felt like my honest to God truth.....the simple facts of life screamed in my ear “you’re not an artist....give it up”.  

Therefore, I never really tried, I just knew it was no use.  I could never be any good.  Instead I worked on my handwriting. I always practiced writing pretty and signing my name different ways.  As a result I’ve changed my handwriting style countless times.....for sure more times than I’ve changed my name! 

Just to further illustrate what a wanna be artist I was I’ll take you back to my South Florida days complete with white billowy curtains, double French doors leading to the private veranda in the heart of downtown Ft Lauderdale.  (Before then I lived in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami).  I loved that I could walk anywhere I needed to go on the weekends...among other perks of living in a city, yet with the privacy of a country cottage.  

One day I decided I mustbe an artist.  God made me an artist.  So I went out on a whim and bought it easel, loads of paints, 27 brushes, stinky cheese and a bottle of wine .... soon my speakers blasted this funky jazz beat from NPR radio into the atmosphere of my cute little loft style cottage as the wind blew through the sheer curtains.  It was quite the dreamy experience.  

Daddy Puss, my kitty would lay on the couch with a twitch in his tail, just watching me as I sang and danced around on the hard tile floor.  Not to scare off my delicate reader but I was only wearing a men’s button down shirt and a pair of undies.  My twisted, warped thinking..... if I felt sexy I’d be creative.  Bwahhhhh!!  Boy, I was a trip!  You have no idea! 

Girlfriend, I am here to tell you....under no uncertain terms......that sunny day painting in my was the hottest of all messes ever in the history of all human messes .... and to top it all I was tipsy.  I’m convinced my cat was laughing!  

By now NPR transitioned to classical music, or did I start with Bach and end with Ella Fitzgerald?  How could I possibly remember a detail like that.....but you get the and dancing and drinking and painting...that’s the gist.  

Yet, no matter how much I danced about with wine glass and paint brush in hand I could not bring those canvases to life.  My dream.....seemingly exploded somewhere between Nat King Cole and Mozart.  

Yet....against all odds I picked myself and my wild imaginings up and tried again the next day and the next and so on.....for weeks.....until you’d think I’d be a smidge better.  Not so!  I still stunk.  There was no denying it.  They were all so bad, I did what every self respecting failing artist would do.....I gave my mother ALL my art, packed up the paint supplies and called it a was dead to me!  

Granted, my painting season didn’t last long but something interesting happened.  Out of the clear blue sky, I was asked by a friend if I liked public speaking.  Having been unemployed for a few months at the time I remember saying heck yeah, give me a mic and a stage.....her next question:...what about art?  Do you know anything about art?(My friend happened to work for the fulfillment center of Princess Fine Arts (yes Princess Cruises) ..... nope.....I humbly about a cruise ship?  Have you ever been on a cruise?  Me: I always swore I would NEVER cruise in my life.....she setup the interview. 

One day perhaps I’ll tell you the story of the very interesting conversation that ensued in that office.  For now I’ll just say that September 2004 I joined the Sapphire Princess for training in the Med.  I ended up working on cruise ships as an ART auctioneer for around 3 years.  I ate, breathed, and dreamed art for my life.  When I started I knew nothing.  That isn’t entirely true.....I knew Van Gogh cut off his ear for some reason.  Now I know a little more than nothing .... that’s real.  Although I believe I could remember an Erté story or two as well as Picasso but Rembrandt and Dali (among others) I couldn’t remember to save my life.  

The funny thing is that I used to have nightmares, for years after leaving cruise ships, that I had to go back out to sea to be an auctioneer for a cruise.... unplanned.... unprepared.... without my notes or my laptop ..... I forgot to pull the art, no art stewards showed up and oops.....did I seriously forget the schedule the auction?!!I (Insert scary face : it was one waking-up-in-a-cold-sweat-thanking-God-you-were-only-dreaming kinda night).

These days life looks a lot different!  Creating art is my jam.  I cut, paint, glue, screw, hammer, drill, build, sand, paint and glue some more .....  that about covers my creativity.  I wouldn’t call it fine art as much as I would ‘fun art’ because I don’t believe we should take ourselves too seriously.   

What about you?  How do you express creativity?  What are you passionate about creating!  Art? Music? Dance? Woodworking? DIYing? Singing? Hair? Makeup? Writing? Editing? Filming? Taking pictures? Even running a business or managing a team can be creative.  Whatever it is do your best, give it your all.  Don’t apologize.  Decide failing is part of your process.  Not everything is going to be 5 star or blue ribbon or gold medal.  You will get better.  You can only truly fail if you just don’t try!  

Put your best foot out there. You realize....we all have super powers! Creating is a super power!!  May you be covered in grace to do what only YOU can do.  Go. Thrive. Be. Keep moving.  You got this!  More power to ya lovie!!!

I’m thrilled to share my most recent works and several folks have asked to see........  I hope you enjoy.  

Here are a few shots of the process I went through on my current pieces.  Most often I do forget the in process shots.....I just let the paint fly.  

I’m also wanting to include some older pieces that have long since moved on to grace the walls of someone else’s home.  A few I have recreated many times because I’ve been told ugly just won’t sell!  So be it, I’ll just under price it......or give it away....or paint over it.....or trash it.....or put it in the attic ..... or even donate it......I’ve done it all.   

And some photography work I’ve done.....

Love y’all mucho!! hey would you share this post? I’m looking to find a place to hang my newest art:). Also, please comment with your favorite way to be creative.....include a picture if you can! Xoxo


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