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cutting it off... goodbye Instagram!

Today, this first day of 2021, I find myself once again cutting. Cutting the crap outta my life. Or in more tangible terms, cutting my hair for the 222th time in my life.....or since Christmas! 🤣 (if I go much shorter I’m might as well just shave it all) I mean how many people not only cut their own hair (on a constant whim) but actually take the time to TAKE A PICTURE?!?! STRANGE? yes!!!

On a higher level, I’m cutting control. Cutting fear of man. Cutting distractions. Cutting anger! Cutting pride! And whatever else the Lord wants me to cut out. I am fully surrendered. And whatever else I’m holding onto I ask Jesus to reveal it to me, soften my heart and prepare me for the cutting I must endure to advance in His kingdom and in my life.

Let me be specific in one area the Lord is dealing with me media.

We all have our favorite app. We gravitate toward it each time our phone is activated. I wish I could say mine has been the Bible app or Glorify, my new favorite worship app. However, as I’m choosing pure honesty, I’ll confess.....mine has been Instagram.

The embarrassing truth is that I’ve been leaning on this social media giant a tad too much for far too long.

Honestly, I love to see what friends are experiencing and sharing. I love to share great shots, memories or thoughts, myself. I’ve seen the app as a way to connect, share and spread the light and love of Jesus.

As I do with all my life.

December 20th everything changed. I was sent a video from a dear friend explaining all about IG’s new terms rollout. Instagram terms video After watching I decided sticking with Insta was a HARD NO for me: In the name of sanity and personal privacy preservation.

This blog post is NOT about exposing Insta for their devilish plans to track, observe, control and ultimately censor and kill all conservative voices. (Although I do recommend finding out and deciding for yourself). This is simply an attempt to share my heart on the matter and tell ya what I’m up to.

I humbly realize my meager influence (of UNDER 1000 people, for crying out loud) is not going to launch me or “make” me. On the flip side, by giving up the minimal traction I’ve achieved I will NOT fail or be destroyed. God is way bigger than all this. He’s outside any and all limits and constraints we inadvertently try to place on Him.

So I’m letting go. It took me a lot of days to come to grips with this painful goodbye. Yes, I’m gonna delete the app .... on all my mobile devices (you’ll know more about why when you find out the ludicrous new plans of Instagram....which you blindly agree to just by continuing to use their platform). I won’t be using this form of media a moment longer. (And Facebook might be on the chopping block soon as well.) they will not control me, censor me, track me or try to pressure me into thinking or acting a certain way.

I’m in no way called to be a “people pleaser”. Nope!

On vulnerable note; as I literally “cut the crap” from my life thoughts flood my mind:

“How else will I share my life and art with others?”

“What ever will I do if I leave insta?”

“How will my voice be heard?”

“What about all my will they know what I’m up to? How will I know what they have their hand in?”

“I’ll feel like I fell off the face of the earth!”

I know: ridiculous! Who cares, right?!?!!

Well, y’all, The God I know, love and serve is not limited by the tiny size of my “influence” or follower list. He is a BIG God! Creator of the Universe, actually. And and and.....He is Good!!! He cares about all our life details. He’s not going to let me go or leave me because of my silliness!

I’m good. He’s got this! If you have a conservative voice....please find the best way for you to share it. The world needs your unique voice, stance, and story!!!! Don’t give up. Keep moving forward. Keep praying.....Seeking HIM above all else! It is the single most important move we can make!!!

And don’t forget to “cut it out”, cut it off” or any other cutting example you can come up with. My hair may get shorter, my circle of influence may be cut in half, but the important thing for me to do (maybe you as well) is to keep focus on what’s worth focusing on.....namely HIM....Jesus, Christ the King. He is the Way. The Truth and The Life!


Please, darling, would you click the button to follow the journey here at, hand in your email address and we shall be in touch. God is moving and doing far more than we can imagine and He just might want us connected in this next season.

I’d love to stay connected to any and all of you if you wanna connect on Parler (or WeMe) or whatever new thing is coming up and out for conservative voices. I’m also a member of an amazing FB group called Eternal Heiress. Find us. Like us. Follow us. God is moving mightl

Happy NEW, better and BEST year to you my darling friends!!!

Love n hugs,



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