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Day 5 : Hello Neighbor Challenge : Generosity

Good morning, Neighbor. Welcome to your Monday.

I’m reading this amazing book (given to me by one of my new best friends) called The Genius of Generosity by Chip Ingram and it’s super powerful. One of the quotes in the book is “when people are generous and gracious, they exude love and happiness.” How true is this statement? Another one of the quotes that I read a few times ... over and over ... “To be smart, spend carefully. To be wise, save regularly. To be genius, give extravagantly.” Did you get that? Read it again. Wow! I’m not finished with the book yet but I’ll keep you posted on social media. You’re welcome, for sure.

That brings me to my next topic of conversation what is today’s Challenge? Generosity.

This week I want to focus our energy on generosity. One of my favorite things to do is give. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, time, art, my talents, a thoughtful note and love it all. Seeing the look on someone’s face after I’ve given them something of value (no matter how great or small) fills my heart to the brim and overflowing with joy. I mean it. If I could be a giver for a living it would make me the happiest.

I would love for you to dig out five dollars (or more if you can) from your wallet and wrap it in an note that reads something like “God loves you.” Or “you’re special and God has a special purpose for you.” Or “You matter.” Or “You’re stronger than you think.” Or “don’t give up, you got this.” Something that comes from your heart to your mind in the moment. I want you to leap out of your sweet little padded box of comfort and hand this money and note to a perfect stranger. I say give a note with it because it could be exactly what they need to hear.

“What?! Really!??. You’re kidding!?? Money to a stranger?!??” Yes, please. If you really can’t afford to give this much then give something else. Just think...give.

What about the homeless man on the street? If you don’t want to give cash like .... go get them lunch at McDonald’s and deliver it to their hands....or bottled water (don’t forget the note). I have a pack of six new socks I’m waiting to drive by and give out to a homeless man when I have the chance.

Just think of people as you walk around...the gas station, grocery store, coffee joint, your office, the post office, the ice cream parlor....anywhere you go. You can ask God, “who needs this the most?” And be ready to give. I think of a mom in the grocery store struggling with little never know what someone is going through.

I can remember a time when we didn’t even have money for milk for our baby....we didn’t tell anyone (not out of pride but because we knew God would provide). At church someone handed us $150 cash and I cried all the way to the store to buy food. Another time someone (who knows who) left a whole bunch of toiletries and household supplies...all of which I desperately needed. Imagine not having money for toilet paper and asking God to provide ... then walking outside and finding those treasures. I will forever remember what that felt like and how God provided.

So maybe you’re the answer someone’s praying for. Don’t stress about it, just feel it out and give where you see a need. It’s powerful (I know, I’ve said that but it bears repeating), it’s loving, it’s kind, and you never know if you could be making someone’s day brighter or even changing their life.





I love y’all, thanks so much for joining me on this journey.



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