• Blu Wyatt

Day 8: lost my tank of ideas

We’ve barely just begun to scratch the surface of this Hello Neighbor March Challenge. And I’m pretty bummed, I’ve misplaced my artful fountain of ideas.....otherwise known as my handy journal.....the extension of my brain. This photo is all I have left. I haven’t been able to find it since the beach of Alabama (last week). Sooooo my entire month’s lineup of stories and ideas is probably washed out to sea...or sitting at the bottom of someone’s trash can...shame.

And here we 8 with no bag of tricks up my sleeves. No stories....or well thought out plan.....Just me. Trying to be a better version of a step at a time.

Basically just watch the day 8 video for a fun insight into the challenge.

But the real news here it’s what’s coming on day 9...Friday.....March 9th (and through the weekend). I’m asking that we each invite someone, hopefully a neighbor over for a wee visit... maybe some tea, coffee, cheese n crackers, chips n salsa, fruit, cookies homemade apple get the point. Do yourself a favor....don’t over think this...make it easy and light ... no big deal. I mean, really!! Remember, it doesn’t have to be an actual neighbor. Could be a colleague, coworker, social media bud, the lady you met at the park. Yes, it happens.

In fact I met one of my best friends at a park. She invited my whole family over for dessert that very evening and we’ve been besties ever since. If she can do it then I can do it and if I can do it you most certainly CAN do it.

This is uncharted territory I’m trotting on....this being a neighbor business. Trust me when I say I’m really good at cocooning up in my little corner of the world, oblivious to the happenings about. Wrapped in my own thoughts, to-do’s, goals and family goings on. I must get out of my bubble and allow others in. What about you?

In all honesty, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to apply this challenge to my life since we’ve only “lived” in this Air BnB home all of 4 days. I mean, I can’t deny that my spirit sings when I think about living in here in Nashville...and I mean ON KEY, which is more than what I can say for my voice. But we know NO ONE....not a single soul. How do I invite someone in and invest in neighbors I’ll never see again? Well, the answer is...I just do it. “Suck up that fear and turn it into forward motion, Blu.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly being challenged here! Have I gone off the deep end with this thing? Should I have waited till we’re settled? The answer is a resounding NO....I’m in the here and now stretching my own fluffy comforting zone of happiness. You got this!

Ciao Neighbor.



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