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Divorce is on the's about time!

A thousand times, I’ve started this post.  Over and over the words just stumbled out only to be erased.…

Mr. Delete key ... my favorite writing companion….Like a perfect, brand new, white eraser being used for the first time…..he doesn’t leave a sign of what was.  Jumbled, mismatched words on a page....a misspelling....a grammatical error… click click…all gone!

The curser watches me, taunting me, waiting….for something to come through my fingers.  Well, here it is….my sweet story of diving into my new year.

Chocolate, donuts, anything caramel, ice cream, cheesecake, apple pie, cookies of any kind.….and the list goes on for at least 37 pages but you get the picture. 

Sugar…..this is my Goliath.

Heath Bars…my favorite.  For my sweet sixteen I received a case of Heath Bar toffee goodness, of which I consumed every morsel in 2 days.  Perhaps in just a few hours, there’s no way to prove anything.

M&M’s will always be my top of list!!!  For several reasons….they’re the easiest to munch…the easiest to hide ….best chocolate to nut ratio (for nutty perfection look for the yellow packaging).  Then there’s Snickers….it really does satisfy.  And Snicker’s ice cream bars take enjoyment to a whole new level.  Not to mention the homemade banana bread, apple pies, shortbread and chocolate chip cookies I make from time to time.

Obviously there’s a problem.…..I’ve literally and exactly NEVER tried to give up sugar.  I tried once to slow down on my sugar intake…it lasted 4 hours….I never attempted it again.

Phase 1 abruptly and dramatically started January 2nd after listening to Jen Hatmaker’s For The Love podcast with Gretchen Rubin (maybe that’s how it’s spelled) of The Happiness Project.  After hearing how she made a lightning bolt change by suddenly and permanently eliminating ALL sugar and carbs from her diet I thought…..I can do this!!!!!!

After hearing her story, I set out like a madwoman on a top priority, life or death mission to change the trajectory of my life.   I found a big box and went after it.  I left nothing unturned to find all my secret hiding places where I stashed all my candy.  We’re talking my closet, dresser, office, and even laundry room participated in the treasure hunt.  I even tossed out the white sugar I was poisoning myself through my coffee EVERY MORNING!  Miracles happen people.

It may have only been 12 days since I took the plunge but I’m feeling something I’ve never felt before…a changed mindset with regard to food.  This is BIG NEWS!!!!

My dad and I always said…when I get to heaven I won’t have to eat….I think it’ll be optional for those of us who would rather be doing other things.  It’s such a bother…and a waste of time.  

Ask anyone I know….food is a necessity but not something I think about ahead of time (until my stomach starts protesting).  Until my husband corrected me 47 times “honey, it’s not a menu, it’s a recipe…there’s a difference”.  I knew how to make toast, cereal, Amy’s burrito’s, and mac n cheese if pressed before I met my husband. 

You can see I’ve been tripped up for a while on this subject.

I’m praying for God to give me a renewed view of food.  And even a love for the stuff.  It’s about time I grew up and started actually taking care of this amazingly blessed, healthy, whole body He’s gifted me with.  Instead of just running it into the ground day after day, year after year and expecting it to produce highly decorated living.  Come on now girl!  

Phase 2 is officially underway …..I’ve actually started reading labels!!!!   I no longer buy anything with sugar in it and I’m gluten free (other than my Grape Nuts and fruit)  

I know, I know.  People adult all the time, what’s the big deal?  Well, for me this is colossal change.  The biggest, most dramatic change I could impose on my lifestyle.  It’s not a diet or a trend or a fad.  This is my new life.  

I knew this time was coming soon enough and here it is.  I’ve broken up with sugar. The divorce won’t be final until I get off carbs, or so I hear.  Did you know carbs turn into sugar in your body?  Huh!  Learn something everyday!   

On a side note, here are some other things I’m laying down and letting go of this year:


Limiting Mindset

Short temper

Bad attitude

What I’m feeding and fueling:







These are all things I’ve been thinking about getting a handle on and I’m excited to share this little snippet of change I’m experiencing here in Nashville. ….  with a whole heart and excitement for a new healthier version of me that is to come.  

One thing is for sure, if we put our trust in a God who will never leave us or throw us under the bus then no matter what we face we can, and will, get through this.  Stand Strong! 

It’s a good life.  

Live Decorated.  

love, blu 

I mean, who in their right mind takes this many pictures of sugar?!?! Just sayin'.


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