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Does it really take a village?

There’s this cool kindergarten kid, we’ll call Jimmy Bo Jangles, and he lives in our neighborhood.  His story aggressively breaks my heart.  He has a beautiful, lovely mom who is literally doing the very best she can...we’ll call her the way I must interject with some hats off to ALL the single moms.  

The work it takes to raise children is greater than any other job I’ve ever encountered or even heard of for that matter.  As a parent, you’re constantly learning on the job not sure if what you’re doing is absolutely ruining your kids.  There’s no way to adequately prepare for something so BIG and demanding.  So when women (or men...there are some men) who step up to actually parent and most often times, work full time as well, my brain swells in awe of how they could possibly handle it all.  Gold star.  Blue ribbon, Gold are a WINNER!!!!  

On the other hand J-Bo has a real jerk of a dad.....we’ll call him Bozo the Clown.  This man is never there for his son.  He doesn’t talk to him, spend time with him, or engage at any level.  If Dead Beat were a city this guy would be the alcoholic mayor.  I give him zero props.  In fact I’d LOVE to have a 30 minute sit down with the man.  A parent cannot just drop in to discipline yet never take the time to have a conversation or even look in the kids direction.  Just an opinion!

My father was in and out of prison most of my life and wasn’t there for me or my sister until we were adults....but the slim memories I had with him as a little girl were always fun and loving.  So I understand not every man can be there for their kids for various reasons but meanness is never ok!

For some time now Sweet J-Bo has been acting out.  Speaking bad things, name calling, threatening children and even, to my recollection even hurting other kids to the point that others don’t wanna play with him. There must be so much going on in his little mind.  I’m sure he feels abandoned by his own the very least.  Betty is ready to pull her hair out.  He was suspended from today’s early morning care because of threats of harm toward another kid.  After getting off the bus today his mom received a negative report about the day’s behavior. I prayed over him and invited them in to play/discuss what’s going on.  

I can’t go into it all and it’s not my story (she has given me permission to share and change the names.  I’m just here as a concerned neighbor who wants to see people thrive.  I want to see this mama soar!

Hubs and I believe we can have a big impact on his life at this critical point.  This J-Bo needs an adult male in his life he can look up to.  This is the fact.  A man who will be kind and thoughtful, fun yet firm and most importantly THERE!  Just being there makes a colossal difference and can change the trajectory of that kids life. 

We haven’t formulated a plan of action or even thought clearly about what that means but I know we’re called to be good neighbors.  We’re all called to participate in each other’s lives.  Even when it’s hard....especially when it’s hard.  The fact has been illuminated; Betty needs a break.  She needs some relief and support.  She might even need a spa day!  

My point of all something for someone.  You’re looking for that something to someone else.  Be a neighbor!  Be a mentor!  Stretch yourself.  Do that hard things.  Get uncomfortable.  

We must help those around us (as God leads us to)  This morning as I discussed my desire for us to be a part of their lives and help where we can Betty wisely says “it takes a village”.  We’re not meant to just live life. 

Think of others.  Be a light. 

That’s a lot of bossiness from one post so I think I’ll leave you with that.  

Has someone ever helped you through a tough time?  Can you share?  What did you learn?  Or did you step up and help another?  It’s not bragging, it’s motivating and encouraging others to do the same......share please! 

Love y’all,




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