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Down by the water, howdy Texas.

We arrive into welcoming arms...the in-laws abode. Deep in the heart of Texas lies 40 acres of dreamy landscape centered on two gorgeous natural springs. Pure bliss. Giant hundred + year old oak trees shade the lush green grass that sprawls from the front porch all the way down to the waters edge.

Breathing in the crisp clean air with a hint of cattle. I’m instantly wrapped in a comforting feeling of belonging.

Boys fish with PawPaw...every single second they can get. Down by the water, that’s where it all happens.

Outside the gates of this unique, picturesque property change is evident. The small town where I found the love of my life and started my family has changed quite a bit since leaving 2 years ago. For starts my hair dresser moved, my acupuncturist moved, my church moved, Cabela’s has two new neighbors, a food truck served smoothies and goodies at my mom-in-love’s shop downtown and I’m pretty sure we got a brewery. So much has changed around these parts its hard to keep up. Even the people have changed...the downtown Main Street program, my friends have been through deaths, competitions, business expansions, job changes, victorious stories and heartbreaking ones. I’ve come ‘home’ to a new longer home, I guess, but a place of comfort nonetheless.

Life round these parts moves at a much faster pace. However, I’m much more of an easy going gal these days. There’s just nothing worth getting fussed over, in my loosie goosie book. Texas, I’ve missed you but I won’t adapt to your speedy rat race pace. Not this time around, my friend.

Traveling for a year seems quite ambitious to say the least. We’ve spent the last 3 months getting our road legs, so to speak. Living out of A minivan and Air BnB’s across the west coast has been life changing. Now, even if only for a breath, I’m wanting to grow roots. Friends. Family. Shop Work. Creating Art. Reading Jen Hatmaker. Church. Birthday shopping (this weekend with Mama Bear....that’ll be a B.A.L.L.).

One thing I’ve been into and quite honestly must happen while I’m home is Facebook Live-ing with my pals. Amber Nicole was first with her inspiring words pushing us to be more. Because of her I drank a lot of water yesterday and even went walking in the park. Miracle. Thanks Amber!

Then Rowena graced us with her presence with her no-quit, do-it-yourself, anything-goes Kiwi style on full display....check Thursday’s live video. Noa the cool hippie acupuncturist and Brook with her clean-eating, home schooling vibe are coming soon ... so make sure to keep checking in with me when you can.

My “Live Decorated” goal: to bring shining people with inspiring stories to the forefront for all the world to see. We all have a past. We all have a story to share. What are you doing with your story to ensure that you’ll spread hope and joy into your world? People are listening. What are you putting out there? How are you living decorated?

I, for one, decided I’m going to live out loud even through the disappointment, distractions, doubt and fear. Nothing is holding me back ... but perhaps me ... and that’s for another blog.

There is far more to come ahead as we reach our goals together. We can and are going to a new level. The next level. Together we grab hands, look into each other’s eyes, and soar to unknown heights. Sounds easy, but far from it. Soaring takes courage. Taking the next step takes focus and faith.

Who are you listening to? Podcasts? Friends? Family? Strangers with better Pinterest lives than us? How can we ever live up to them? The answer is clear. We’re not supposed to. We are called to uniquely live our own wonderful lives with all the bumps, bruises and victories along the way.

I’m excited. Blessed. Humbled. Slightly blown away. And quite frankly, a little nervous to walk out this wild journey of life....and of finding home. (Our next home, not forever home).

Let’s do this. Rise strong together. Encouraging each other. Acknowledging our shortcomings and welcoming the change we all inevitably face.

Love y’all,


Oh more thing.

Looks like This Sunday I’m presenting my latest spoken word piece “More and Less” for the first time at City Chapel Church. These guys coined the label “The world’s okayest Church” ... on the realz. I plan on doing a Facebook Live for the first service which is the 9:30am central time zone service. Would you join me? In person would be fabulous if you’re near the Austin area this weekend but at least Live on social media if you can’t make it. I’m honored to be allowed to share this in a place where I feel loved and completely accepted. My safety zone.

Please join me.

Also, it’s my birthday Today....Friday. 42 is the new 30!


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