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Sand has a profound effect on my soul.

The waves lapping onto the smooth shoreline in a rhythmic fever calm my oddly frazzled nerves. We pulled into Oceanside, CA early Sunday afternoon ... this is where we'll hang our hats for the next month. Wait, backup.... maybe frazzled was a strong word ... let me unpack it a bit.

As you know, I've been clumsily walking an emotional tight rope the past too many weeks to count.....otherwise known as my road schooling "adventure". I've bathed in tears, soaking countless tissues....nearly over dosed on various methods of chocolate ingestion, namely M&M's, and dreamed vivid dreams of boarding school ... all while reflecting on this gut wrenching topic...and yet, I've made it this far. I'm still here: I'm not giving up that easy. I refuse to allow difficulty and even failure to launch me into the old, familiar depression that so meticulously tore me limb from figurative limb.

Finding a solution, without quitting this travel life, has been chiefest on my running to-do list (which I just about threw out the window when my toes hit the sand-

who can blame a girl?). In all realities, my children must be taught. And since I'm numero uno maestro in this ever-moving-learning-camp of life.....I oughtta consider getting it together. Ok I've considered HOW do I go about getting that done?

After silent contemplation, what it really boils down to is LIFE..... real life, with actual how-to-live lessons. I mean, sure, math, reading, writing and some other uber important subjects are occasionally discussed at, albeit, minimal length. I must see the bigger picture. I'm raising gentlemen....children of God who must be valuable additions to society by the time they're, heck, I don't know, 15 years old???? Or, better yet, now!!

I cant get away with spending all day at the beach, believe me I'm fighting the urge intensely. They will learn. They are learning. I'm learning.

The revelation retrieved by dipping these unpolished toes in this crisp, salty sea :: I am a teacher! Their only one.....ALL YEAR LONG! I have a crap-ton of responsibility on these broad shoulders....but nothing is too great for a God who made it all, is in all, through all and with all .... AND He is who I choose to rest my faith in....not my own meager abilities or lack there of.

Moving on....and dang well good time year.....around these fine United States of America. 8 weeks down, or around there, anyway. Vegas to Oregon to Big Bear Lake to Oceanside where we now reside. Then on to the Grand Canyon perhaps then home to Texas for a wee visit......then they sky's the limit.

Hey, can we finally talk about the gold glitter effect in the sand on the beach?

gold....and glittery....and I love it. I have not a clue how that happens. There, we talked about it.

Good day, friends.

Blu Wyatt


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