• Blu Wyatt

Even Parking Matters

Y’all...Just outside of Starbucks I found an open parking spot…hello miracle.  Just as I eyeballed it a dude in a minivan rolled up behind me … my pulse quickened.  I hate when people have to wait for me!!!   So I real fast like, pulled up right next to a fine looking Mercedes and slammed that Land Rover into reverse.  Without hesitation I made the motions of parallel parking I used to have engrained in my brain.  FAST!!!  I was shocked myself!   I was an inch from the curb and perfectly spaced between the cars …. DOWNTOWN no less.  It was nothing shy of a miracle, friends.  Minivan dude even pulled up next to my window and gave me thumbs up and a surprised face of approval for a job well done.  How often does that happen?

Don’t let me fool you by this act of the divine. To prove to you this was a divine intervention you must know that with my giant minivan, I steer clear of this form of parking at all cost.  I’ll drive around the block all day before trying to parallel that beast.  I tell you that silly story to illustrate how God can orchestrate your life if you’ll only let Him.

To further drive home my point, we should intentionally bring Him into every nook and cranny of our lives.  He actually cares about every mundane detail.  Your hair, where you shop, if you remembered to put gas in your car, your jacked up nail polish and yes even your parking experience….every detail that concerns you.  He wants to be included in it all.  So often we forget about Him until we need something.  

Has it ever dawned on you that The Creator of all things wants to chit chat with you…..ALL THE TIME????  That blows my mind!!!

Knowing the Word says we’re supposed to pray without ceasing…(having an ongoing chat with The Father)…let me pose a question:  What area of life do you need to ask God into?  

Maybe there’s an area where you need to relinquish control….stop trying to hyper plan your every second….leave room for margin and really spend time in prayer to hear what He says your next step should be.   

I wake up every morning (especially since the kids went back to school) and I ask specifically “where do I go today?”, “who can I bless today?”,  “who do I need to talk to today?”  and ya know what….it’s not like I hear an audible voice telling me “turn right here”, "greet that lady”, “get a cup of coffee”.  That seems ludicrous, right?  I just take a step.  I DO something.  I follow the peace.  I get in the car.  I choose a destination.  I move out knowing if I make a wrong move He’ll put me back on track.  

I can’t fail with Him on my side.  I WILL step into my destiny.  

This week I’ve stepped out in a sense… this back to school business has me teetering on a tight rope of Hope … knowing God is my net to catch me if I fall.  

For me, taking a hopeful step is as easy as soaking each morning in prayer…asking…surrendering…worshipping….listening.  

I am now finding my purpose.

I want to be busy but factor in margin.  

I want to work.  

I want to design.  

I want to dive into relationships.  

Although, more importantly, I NEED to follow His perfect plan for me….and that takes prayer, intentionality, sensitivity and for me boldness.  

The fact is, I’m free to be me….to live unhindered.  

I can no longer be caged.  

This butterfly has found her wings.

What will come next for me…as an artist…as a decorator…as a creative spirit?  

This decorated journey is certainly the wildest adventure of my life.  Each day is new…fun…spontaneous.  I have so much hope in my future…in what’s coming next.  On the other side of this hope I’m facing an unknowing.  An uncertainty.  A blank canvas.  To not have a solid plan and be led by God in everything is a ginormous leap of faith.  Exhilarating, really.  Like the unfolding of a dramatic Hallmark movie that you can’t pull yourself away from.

I realize my world isn’t a movie set.  Life isn’t scripted.   I’m not acting out of what I think others want to see and experience of me.   I’m not going to be suddenly chewed out or fired by The Director….nor do I find myself wondering around lost on the wrong movie set….or waiting for the teleprompter to feed me lines that will never come…..which I’ve often feared.  :)

All in all, I’m totally open to the awesomeness He has for me because I know it will result in MANY lives being affected and changed.  What a grand statement coming from a nobody, right?!  Well, God’s been known to use some nobodies.  The people He used in the Bible to do great things and affect great change were just normal folks like you and me…plain people with messy stories and sordid pasts.  Yet in all their imperfections they obeyed and let God rock their world.  

I want that kind of mountain moving faith.  

What about you?

You’re absolutely free to be the most beautiful and perfect YOU that you can be ...without reservation or apology.   Step out of your comfortable world and step into something new….Live Decorated....and remember God even cares about your parking!

Love y’all,



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