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Exposed: schooling road style

Sitting by the fire.

The flame burning my eyeballs from staring so hard.



Outside the boys faint yelling as they challenge each other on their scooters in the's dark outside.

I'm sure the neighbors just love us. They'll be celebrating when we move again on Sunday.

Yeah for peace in the neighborhood!

Wait, did I say Sunday?! thats right...we're relocating to sunny Oceanside, CA just a few hours away (for a whole month on the beach). This is why we do what we in the sand, meeting new people, finding new adventure.

Welcome to my world.

This walk is a journey.....a never ending, never settling, wide eyed choices laughing at me.... taunting me into a times. Don't go off the deep end thinking I need a prayer chain or an intervention. I'm not there yet...hear me out.

Hiding my pain has always been a thing of mine. One thing I excelled at, being in cronic back pain for 22 years. Until now. You've hear about my rants.... yes, I've been quasi vocal in my disdain for the Heck, I don't know. It's a thing and now I'm in it, that much I do know. Road schooling.

But wait....there's good news.

I've had a breakthrough.

It all started with a conference call. I asked questions, I listened, I processed, and I walked away a little lighter. Vague right?! Then a conversation with my sister brought about a deeper revelation into the subject. It's funny how one conversation, or two in my case, can change the trajectory of your unique journey. To be more precise I'm speaking of the journey of road schooling....did I mention that already?

I got my hands on a book at the library after these conversations on homeschooling. All the information and influence surrounding me points to change. I must change my approach, my mindset, my plans, and my actions. No big deal, right. Just change my world and all will run smoothly:).

Sharing aspects of life I may not be ready or able to fully my choices, freak outs, and failures....leaves me feeling exposed. Let's just say my relationship with chocolate is flourishing....thank you M&M's for your contribution and availability. You and your brother, Milk Duds, can stick around for a spell.

Crawling through the last six weeks as if plowing through a field of molasses.....if in fact those existed....sticky, slow moving, trudgery I evolve with this new endeavor of road schooling. I can't explain how foreign of a concept it was to me before the first day of school. Now I'm here. Alive. Just coming up for air and the quarter isn't even up.

Yesterday, however, I turned a corner.

Small as it was, I felt the progress.

Leaning into the Holy Spirit's leading.....'cause where else does wisdom come from?.... a couple cool ideas came out and now I feel as if I'm poised, ever so eagerly on a launching pad. Ready for takeoff but not knowing entirely where I'm going. Perhaps similar to Abraham when God told him to move away from his home to a land he didn't know....yeah, like that...that sounds good. I'm ready for action.

A few things:

Trust. Gotta have it.

Faith. Can't move without it.

Direction. Not without Holy Spirit.

Peace. Coming in like a flood.

Making necessary adjustments, I see our future brighter already.

More learning infused quality time.

More reading altogether.

More of a laser focus on teaching real life.

Yoga (they'll love it, I just know)

Relationship centered as opposed to worksheet and computer screen heavy.

Change my mindset, expectations and overall everything....knowing with God nothing is impossible! I got this! It may not look like anything you've ever seen but I'm no longer concerned with judgement or opinions of the onlooking audience. Truth be told, no one cares. Do what ya do. Go where you go. Say what you want. School where and how you like. Eat as much cholocate as you want. True friends are there through it all with a listening ear and a hot cup of jo.

Those are just a few of my thoughts and reflections as we joyfully march, in a kind of prancing motion, down Road School more molasses for these walking shoes. Join us on this journey. Follow, like and subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube....heck even Pinterest. Links above.

Peace and Milk Duds,



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