• Blu Wyatt

First Week in Nashville and GO

It’s Saturday and oops. Forgot to post my Thursday blog post. 

Good thing I already had it written. Here’s a short n sweet update into our lives. Brevity is key. 

We literally rolled into town (Nashville if you’re new) with nothing (no exaggeration) 7 days ago.  Now 47 paint projects line the garage walls waiting for my attention.  In the wings sit 2 full size vintage beds, 2 large dressers, one mirror, a sofa, dining table and 8 chairs (which need reupholstering once the paint has cured).  We’ve been power hunting.  I’ve already completed one coffee table which I’m ok with...(might resell it next week), a dining room table that resembles a giant farm style mushroom (which I love), and 2 mirrors (one of which just fell off the wall miraculously unscathed).

I’m amazed at how fast I can settle in and make a place home.  Long gone is the angst of packing up to move again only to unpack the same day in a new home. ... then doing it all over out of suitcases..... (actually we still kinda are.....haven’t finished the dressers yet (since we just bought them today)).  When you’re on a light budget and you’ve gotta fill 2100 square feet of space it just makes sense to buy good boned project pieces and keep sanding, nailing, gluing, and ultimately painting and sealing for a semi professional end product.   

Let’s switch gears to talk about Gratitude:

I’m so thankful for this journey of living decorated inside and out...I’m thankful that you decided to tune in for a spell.

Living decorated is more than making things’s about exploring the beautiful possibilities of life ..... design .... relationships ... habits ... everything .... with a positive mindset.  A grateful heart goes a long way.  I recently started a gratitude journal where I write every night before bed the things I’m grateful for today.  Ok I just started it last night and barely remembered I was committing to this.... (that’s real life in all its imperfections for ya). 

We choose to live decorated by following our heart to what beauty is for us.  Each of us get to choose to see the beauty ... and choose joy.....or not....but it can change your life.  I was having a conversation with a new neighbor (which by the way....I have the best neighbors) about no matter what you’re going through it’s your choice how you respond and what attitude you keep your heart centered on.  Joy is a choice .... and it’s not the same as happiness.  Happiness is comes from within.....even when we don’t feel it. 

I hope you’ll join me on a social media platform at some level so we can stay connected. Love y’all and happy everything. 



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