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From the darkness...find the right door

Standing in darkness. Alone .... Peering out of the laundry room door onto a moonlit field sitting in heavy fog. I pray. Lord, which direction? Where next? The journey has been a long one and I don’t think it’s over yet. Please let it be over. I’m ready to have a home. And You’re in charge. I surrender to all You have. Lead us into Your perfect plan. This has been our prayer since we began this journey nearly a year ago.

Pacing back and forth I began noticing a light in the reflection of the glass ... moving as a moved....swaying as I swayed.....I had to see where this reflection is coming from....

In a moment, I turn from the dismal fog, into the darkness of the room that engulfs me..... Suddenly, I recognized the light I just saw in the window.....from the other room .... seeping through the space under the closed door. It was as if I was seeing this for the first time although I’ve been here in the dark for countless moments. Now this part may seem strange (more strange than standing alone in a dark room for an hour?)..... I’m so ok with that, but I knelt down on the floor striving to see what I could of the room just beyond the door (as if it were a mystery). On my knees! Now, I realize I could’ve just opened the door and seen everything the other room held..... but no...I found myself face pressed hard to the cold tile ... in a futile effort to see.....where is this light coming from?

In that odd moment on my knees The Lord taught me a few things.

First off, there is in fact a door. A door of opportunity not yet revealed ... waiting to be opened. Let hope arise my friend...there’s more to come that hasn’t met the eye. Stand firm...your answer is coming....the door is there....the timing hasn’t made it visible yet. You’ll see it when you see it. It does no good to try and see around or even underneath the door....there just isn’t enough space while it remains closed. But think of the treasures that lie on the other side....well worth the wait, I’m sure we’d all agree.

Secondly, I sometimes stare out the window into the grey foggy night of life thinking that I’m facing the right least can I be more? This question arises.

As I ask and probe and wonder and assume; I find myself drawn to His wisdom....His ultimate knowledge of all things. Suddenly another light in the corner of the dark room....blinking, then gone. A distraction. I’m well aware of it’s keenly alert to the slightest bit of envy, comparison, doubt or unbelief. Getting in where it can. “Here look at me over here”

You shall not distract me from my praying, believing, trusting and hearing. You have no place nor right of passage.

There is a light coming from each door. They both look promising but only one holds the treasures of my perfectly scripted future. Which doors are your facing in your life? Sometimes a change in direction could do a whole lotta good. What if I find myself turned around ... focusing on the wrong door?

Good question. Turn around and find another. When there seems to be no way He’ll be sure to make a way. I just know this.

Another thing I’d like to point out.....and this is a good one...I had to get on my knees for this deep revelation not only to come into view but to puncture my soul. On your knees you’ll find more answers than you realize. Humbling yourself to get down so low, acknowledging it’s not about could never be about is bigger....God has more....oh so much more. I could go on and on.

Next thing I noticed, when I stood and opened the door the light engulfed the dark room where I stood and I could see clearly....not completely....just clearly. The space beyond was so vast and interesting....captivating my attention as if it were the first time I saw this room. An opened door can be quite overwhelming. Yet, if you’re walking in faith WITH God, not sprinting ahead of Him it won’t overtake you.

Finally, taking one step through my newly discovered open door......into the dining room I could see the room viewpoint expanded....the kitchen just beyond.....then another step and I could see into the living room...with each step more was revealed. This exercise reminded me that God sees each detail of that next room....the steps I’ll take once that door of opportunity is opened. The chairs, the kitchen cabinets, the fireplace in the living room and guess what.....even that future door of opportunity at the far end of the living room which leads outside to a whole big wide world filled with giant oak trees, natural springs, wildlife, a steep, curvy road ahead, new opportunity, good friends, familiarity. He sees it all. He’s already there...preparing the way long before we reach the bridge.....or the fork in the road.....however your path looks.

Let’s take hope in this truth: if you’re standing in darkness right now, not sure of where to turn....or even which way is up.....keep praying.....keep believing the door will be revealed to you. Then at the perfect time you’ll open the right door and be flooded with the light that comes from making that one decision or taking that one step, regardless of its size and direction....just taking it. With each step of faith more will be revealed to you. Open your eyes of belief and expectancy. Walk with confidence knowing He’s got this. He actually cares about the intricacies of your life. Hope is rising. Don’t get discouraged by the’ll only make the light even more noticeable. I’m not about to be someone’s flashlight.....I am a glimmering chandelier with hope for a brighter life. Live Decorated.

Be blessed, dear friend.

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All the best.


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