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From Texas to The Parthenon without using a Green Screen

So this decorated life story starts with they most often do in my book.   Wait, I should really back up a actually all started with my sister Amanda rolling into town early Saturday morning with 3 of her children and sleep in her eyes. After a mere 17 hours of driving from San Antonio, Texas through the night .... the trip was off to a grand start.  My sweet hubby served a lavish spread of eggs, bacon, fruit, juice, waffles, muffins, toast, cottage cheese, tomatoes and cereal.....not to mention the daily staple of coffee. After our feast I graciously let them take a nap for two hours.....timed.  After an extraordinary, fun-packed day of food, play and pool we closed the day by dropping my love at the airport for his 5 day California business trip.  

I had my sister all to myself for 4 full days and I wasn’t about to waste it.

So it’s gotta be said that I like to operate at a high level ALL. THE. TIME.  

I’m intense.  

I don’t slow down. 

I don’t back down. 

I get a lot done. 

I make a list.  

I party hard.  

Basically I live decorated at every turn embracing and maximizing opportunities as they arise.  

When a family member or friend comes to town I immediately ask what they want to do, see or accomplish together in the limited time given. I enter into the visit with no agenda.....I sincerely want to entertain and make memories.  Although this visit was slightly different cause it was my sis. She and I love to work together accomplishing big things.  From start to finish. 

Enter The List.  It grows, it multiplies, it gets modified, things get crossed off, and it finally, sometimes, comes to an end.  

But before we can conquer the list we must have a day of rest and nothing but fun.  Grace Chapel Church started Sunday off with a bang at the early service ....Michael W. Smith led out in worship along with one of my heroes Calvin Nowell.....and the sound that whole choir made filled the entire sanctuary all the way up to the packed balcony where we sat.  Anointed as all get out....It truly was a morning to remember.  

After a fuzzy, relaxing weekend of fun in the sun without a care in the world it was time to iron out that project list ... ASAP!  

Paint the giant room with tall ceilings (3 coats)

including a green screen wall

Hair cuts for all the kids 

Rearrange furniture 

Hang artwork

Dye sisters hair

Cut bangs...they’re perfect.

Shop at Target (how does that always end up on the list)

Make a chandelier 

Bake banana bread (the bananas had been working all week at ripening just right)

Pay bills

Design and order T-shirts for Amanda’s organization company

String more lights

Organize master closet

Organize the rest of the house

See some sights

Record videos

Lowe’s for paint 

Oh and take care of the kids of course

The list goes on and once we mark one thing off another finds itself being added to the mix.  

Let me take you through it: 

Monday morning: I thought starting the chandelier I’ve been designing in my imagination would be the best use of our time outta the gate.  Yes it was now time, after maybe 7 years of collecting the materials, to begin the work.  I laid out the crystals along with the old metal trash bin that fell into my lap one day ages ago and I got to work figuring out how to affix the prisms.

Once that project covered the dining room table parts found their way onto the patio table .....then it happened....just as quickly as it began I was bored and ready to move onto the next project .... getting stagnant is never an shirts, order, make lunch (those kids like to eat regularly) and always squeeze in fun.....this is living decorated and it’s NOT all about the list!  

Tuesday we began painting my husbands office, the bonus room, the most serene shade of Embellished Blue from Sherwin to bottom.   Between coats or when we were over it we would take the kids to the pool to cool off.  (This room turned out to be a bigger project than I originally expected).  Enter new best friend, Tina Marie.  She came over after putting her kids to bed to hang out with me and my sister Tuesday was incredible.  We set out some fancy cheeses, crackers and a bottle of wine for enjoyment ...

the party was in full swing.  

Painting just so happened to be in the works as well.... rather than taking a break I simply held a paint brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other....I love this Living Decorated business more than you know.  (No way I could put the breaks on to sit and sip ...why not keep working ...I became the evenings’ entertainment).  Then the moment came where the ladies wanted to join in the fun.....must’ve been the funky jazz music playing in the background.  A couple hours later we retired the brushes and took our happy little selves to the back patio where garden lights adorned the ceiling ... illuminating the space just right.  Thought provoking conversation and laughter ensued until after 1am....yet, since this wasn’t meant to be a slumber party we decided to call it a night.

The next morning my freshly baked banana bread coupled with strongly brewed coffee hit the spot....just what I needed after a long night and loads of work left to get after.  We literally began painting again right after breakfast.  

After some morning errands we decided to drive clear into downtown Nashville to visit the exact replica of the Greek Parthenon was glorious!  (If you’re close you’ve just gotta see this). Well we came, we saw,  engaged with the geese in the pretty pond, snapped some shots, recorded video, and left.  

Traffic on the way home was unrelenting...a major accident had the whole highway squeezing into one lane and little Miss GPS was saying it would take us nearly a hour to get out of it you know all those rubber neckers had to slow way down to catch a glimpse....what’s with that!?  Anyway!  The stress was building in my neck, back, shoulders and clenched jaw. 

.....until the second a light bulb went off in my head.....School orientation!  I was supposed to be there in 15 minutes!!! Say what?!   Dang y’all ....I forgot all about all the real responsibilities I gotta tend to! 

I was only 34 minutes late for my kids’ school teachers meet n greet ... funny thing is, no one even noticed. 

Little did I know my sister was outside in my car hyperventilating over the oil change notification light which was blinking and dinging at anyone who would see, I went a little over the miles I was allotted.  A little.  After receiving a pretty severe talking to from my little sis.....the importance of taking care of your vehicle....what were you could you wait so long.....blah blah.... “ok fine” I said “I’ll get it changed first thing in the morning”.  She wasn’t having a word of it....apparently 3000 miles over is unacceptable.   Straight to the fast line people .... immediately....she didn’t care if the wait was 2 hours I needed to learn my lesson the hard way.  Time to grow up, girl.

Thank God in heaven.....literally and often.....I drove my car up with 6 of us and the heavens one was ahead of me....I was the only customer there!!!  favor!  

When that bearded dude saw my mileage he bout tore me up with those eyes.  He said “I need to have a talk with you” in the most serious tone of voice.....I was about to start a laughing fit between the two of these voices of reason......and oh so right they were....take care of your car, people.  Learn from my mistake!  

Finally we made it home after a very long day just in time to slip into our suits and head back to the pool.  (We are the pooling-est people you ever did meet.). I instantly felt all the tension drain from my shoulders and neck....stopped traffic, nearly forgetting an important appointment, getting chewed out for being irresponsible, admit I’m clearly not fully an adult yet, get oil changed, tail between legs,  pool....yep that pretty much sums it up. 

During our evening walk is when I remembered the one last thing I need to make my husband’s office space perfect....oh my heavens...Costco closes in 20 minutes......I can make it.....jump in the car 🚙.....13 minutes to go.....made it just in the knick of time.  I always feel like one more thing can be squeezed in at the last minute. Even though they didn’t have it the store clear across town did and I could get it tomorrow......not true but for the sake of this story and not getting side tracked we’ll leave that there. 

Our last night needed some excitement so rather than going to bed we went to the pool.   Again. .....The trip was nearing an end and we needed to make more memories. Tidy up. Finish projects. Nurse a glass of wine.  Soak in a candlelit bath. Bed. 

4:30 am came too quickly (after only making it bed at midnight:) and saying goodbye isn’t always easy but we made so many decorated memories I’ll keep forever so no complaints here.

The moral of all my story is that if you’re living decorated you’re more able to roll with the punches, get more accomplished, bless more people, be more aware, and live more intentionally. You can do this life no matter what comes at you today.

Have an amazing weekend my friends....keep up with me on social media until our Monday video comes out on YouTube.....(although I do try filming an IGTV video everyday—jump on over there). 




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