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Get Amped Up

Stranded…..outside a Longhorn Steakhouse..... in the thousand degree Texas heat…..(wait! or maybe it was Iowa???)   Our Land Rover wouldn’t start!!! (Or was it the minivan?) was danggo hot is all I can remember and our pre Mercedes car was deader than dead.

 AAA said it would be 45 minutes or so until help could arrive.

Relief came as quickly as we realized we were actually in the mall parking lot.  Hello….shopping?!!!  Heck yeah!  Oh and you know they keep their AC down to 57*….(the reason I never leave home without a sweater no matter how hot the asphalt boils underfoot)…so from sweating my tush off to feeling that sweat form ice crystals down my back within minutes.  (I’m exercising my vast gift of exaggeration here.)  

This leads me to my question:

Have you ever been stranded?  In the middle of nowhere.  I have been stuck on the side of the road for various reasons more times than I can remember.  Outta gas, blown a tire, ran into a ditch (or 42) while learning to “burn rubber”, overheating, an accident, busted engine, you name it….I've been there.   Each time relief came but I had to keep my attitude in check.

My next question:

Did you complain or find a solution?  Complaining does absolutely nothing.  Yes, it’s hot.  Yes you’re miles (or state lines) away from your destination.  Yes you’re late to work.  Yes the repairs will no doubt be expensive.

In life, we occasionally get stranded or stuck or left for broke on the side of a freeway for many reasons.  Turns out an old battery (not to mention all the above listed issues) can keep you from getting to where you need to go.  How can you get anywhere if you don’t have the power to get started?  Or the wheels to roll on. There are times when we ourselves need a little kickstart to get moving. Nothing seems to be working so you get help from an outside source to pass some of their power, wisdom, kindness, assistance, or services onto you.  

Come on now....this is goooood stuff here.  

What area of your life needs a jump? 

A restart? 

A refresh?  

Are you hiding?  Are you afraid?  Are you hurting?  

We’ve all been stuck!  

You’re surrounded by people who know what you’re going through and can possibly supply you the power or help you need to recharge and resume life in a healthy manner.  

You’ve seen the movies where a doctor shouts “CLEAR” to a room full of white coated, face mask wearing doctors and nurses.  Those handle paddle thingies they press onto the chest, once activated, will zap a thousand volts (give or take) of power through a lifeless body trying desperately to revive him or her.  This is what I felt like I needed in many areas of my life despite my constant posting of pretty things on Instagram.  We can put on a good show but what's beneath the surface will rise to the top eventually, right?  

Your life, your marriage, your home, your relationships, your skills, your career, your body, your habits may at some point along the journey need this powerful jump, charge, push, or even new parts.  Some intense motivation and encouragement could do the trick.  I hope to provide some insight and inspiration to live your best life.  You’ve got massive greatness in you (even if my grammar is outta line).  Great things lie in wait for you to take charge, focus, give your all to getting revived. 

All that being said; only YOU can do the internal work necessary to get you moving in the right direction.  Your husband can’t fix you.  Your kids can’t.  Certainly your in-laws can’t do a thing to make you into your best YOU!  So take responsibility you need to now…  Don’t waste another minute.  Don’t blame another person or circumstance for the place that you’re in.  It’s on YOU, my friend.  Take some time to identify the hangups, triggers, setbacks you can address to improve YOU, your life, your relationships, your body, your career or any number of areas needing hyper focus and attention.

Here are a few suggestions to get you amped.

  • Get in silence and solitude. 

  • Pray….God hears you!!!

  • Reach out….get help

  • Get a book on the topic you need most help with.  

  • Listen to podcasts that are in line with what it is you need.  

  • Talk to a mentor or someone who you value their insight, wisdom and experience.

  • Follow inspiring people on all the socials….and unfollow the negative ones NOW!!!

  • Take a day off (a week off even)

Listen, friend, I’m here with ya.  I have about 37 areas of my life I’m working on as we speak….and all I want is a glass of wine, fuzzy slippers and some good chocolate!           I’m not teasing!

Put your work gloves on and get to work, my dear neighbor. 

Give yourself the jump you need to get moving in the right direction.  

I’m rooting for you and cheering you on.

Love much,



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