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Updated: Feb 27, 2018

Soaking in vitamin D on the white sand beach of Gulf Shores Alabama, I find myself thinking year ago...we were living on an adorable farm in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa. It’s amazing how much change one can face in the span of a year.

Our first big snow I had no clue how we were gonna get out of the garage much less out of the driveway. I remember looking out our kitchen window and being taken aback by the sight of our precious neighbor, George, in his enormous John Deere, plowing our entire giant circular drive. This was my first experience receiving random kindness from a neighbor (that I can recall).

That is until I was not so gently reminded you have to fill the propane tank now and again. (I forgot the again part.....again). Sooo we were freezing our tails off in 14* temperature (I could be exaggerating, there’s no guarantee) with 84 blankets piled high on each bed...wearing nearly every stitch of clothing we could squeeze into and praying for Monday. I say all that to tell you that the pastor offered her guest rooms for my family to sleep in for the night and another friend offered us Sunday night, even cooking us breakfast in the morning.

These stories inspire me to reach out to people in need....even before I’m asked. This is powerful love, giving of ones talents, resources, and abilities to help another persons life go a little smoother.

This is what this 30 day challenge (starting next Thursday, March 1st) is all about.

I have some ideas how you could be a neighbor to someone around you. I’ll be sharing those as well as examples to get you started. but I really wanna hear from you before the challenge begins. Please let me know what you’ve done, experienced or seen to lend to this topic. Being a neighbor, you could even say being a kind citizen, is what this super easy challenge is all about.

This really isn’t a huge deal but it could change your life or someone who’s life you touch. It’s the smallest of gestures that speak to people’s hearts...a smile, coffee, a helping hand. I’m just trying something new and greatly appreciate you joining the journey with me.

Just a couple things to do and only a couple clicks away...

...Sign up on the home page of my website

...join the FB group “Live Decorated with Blu Wyatt”

...comment on any social media platform with a cool emoji, gif or even a short glimpse into who you are .... to let me know you’re here.

...Use hashtag #livedecorated #helloneighbor on any and every post and tag me as well.

...optional: Follow on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube (if you’re over there too). I seem to be everywhere.

That’s about it. The Bible says to “love your neighbor as yourself” so we’re choosing to take these words to heart.

Love n strawberry cheesecake,


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