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Grab a tissue...

Not really, just pull up a chair....let’s chat.

Hey y’all...

It’s time to give thanks....and I’m the first one to jump onboard the bandwagon of afopting a joyful, hopeful, expecting, appreciative attitude. If you’ve been with me for any length of time you know I’m all about gratitude with attitude. (Or is it an attitude of gratitude?). Anyway...being and living thankful lives and emanating thankfulness in every interaction, conversation, and moment is essential to living a full, productive, happy life. This attitude leads to joy and peace through any and all circumstances.

Now more than ever as we celebrate life this time of year we release judgements, negativity, complaints and arguing. We forgive. We accept. We loosen up. Then there’s the other side of this time of year.....We shop. We make lists. We run around like mad living in our own heads. We prioritize. We make resolutions. We move faster, with laser like focus. At least it feels this way and for some it’s a surface facade...a mask of busyness covering up something deeper.

As you well know, this time of year is not always smothered in caramel and lollipops. For some people this can be a quite painful and difficult season. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one and your still walking through the grieving process. I feel for you. I’ve been there. It took a long time to heal from my dad’s suicide and I miss him like crazy this time of year when we hung out the most. I have a dear friend who suddenly lost her mother to heart aches for her and that dear family. Be willing to cry with a friend. To that friend walking through what feels like hell, I say grieve. Don’t feel guilty about it. Let your emotions be free and take the space to be alone, And in the midst of your grieving don’t forget those around you who still very much need you and love you. They’re precious and deserve your attention and most of all, your unending love. Life is bigger than this moment and this pain will not linger forever. It shall pass, on due time.

You like how I’m always thinking I can tell you what to do?

Me too.

You’re welcome.

When you get with the people you love this holiday...albeit family or friends....share something you’re thankful for. Even if it’s not part of your tradition... try something new. Go around the room and share something you’re counting on your long list of blessings. In fact, I always recommend doing a gratitude I actually have one? Nope. Not even taking my own advice but I do have a journal I keep up with there’s that. Don’t judge, we all have downfalls, I just tend to be more forthcoming with mine than most....then again.....I take that back. I have way more weaknesses that I let on at this point. You can’t handle it.

I digress, be grateful for the little things and most importantly the people and relationships you’ve been gifted with. That’s enough to make a person wanna sing from the rooftops.

I thought I’d throw a shorter blog post at ya this Thursday with some pics to enjoy just to feel more connected.

So what about you? What are you grateful for in this moment and season of life?

Comment below....or don’ to all!

I hope you and yours have a most joyous day, week, month, year, life!

I’m. . Grateful . . For

The obvious:

A relationship with God my Creator, first and foremost


Friends (some of the best people on this planet)

A bed to rest in

The not so obvious:

A soft robe

My technology pieces

Lamp light

Nike tennis shoes

Red wine

My pretty handmade glass nail file

Beautiful horses

Coffee...and more coffee...this should’ve been top of the list

Wrinkle cream


International flights (first class)

My hair stylist

My design style & vision

Open doors of opportunity

My show


And about 521 more things I won’t take the time to anyway.

Good night...or good morning realistically. Be blessed.



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