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Homeless to Nashville

Today is the day! Today is the actual day my luggage and I have waited for .... for the past 10 months.  Moving Day.  

Busting at the seams...ready to unpack for a while

Hello, Nashville!

Lately many folks have been asking....why Nashville? Why after traveling for 10 months settle there?  Why are you still traveling? Did you really sell everything you own?  So I thought I’d answer some questions here.

Firstly, (if that’s a word) we left an adorable farmhouse in Iowa and sold or donated all our possessions (minus grandmothers treasures of course) to live a life of adventure and ultimately find our next hometown.  Thankfully hubs can work from home so he could find this journey.

We’ve visited a whole lot of amazing places across this great nation, met all sorts of people, and had the funnest time.  It has been a real life changer for me.  To leave everything....stretch my comfort zone and say “yes God, use me” “I’ll go where you send me”..... “oh but there has to be a beach within 30 minutes, Lord”.   

For this reason we spent many months in various coastal neighborhoods .... mama needed water.  You would too after living a couple years in a corn field.

Why Nashville?  

My brilliant hubs mentioned the land locked city early on, yet I refused.  “Not a chance, there’s no beach in Nashville.”  (As if there was a question.) Well, month after month....Beach after beautiful Beach ... Nashville kept coming up for me.  It’s when I started dreaming about Nashville that I finally realized I couldn’t shake it....”I think Nashville is calling”

And call it did.... now we’re moving into our sweet little home (which we only got by miracle) as you read this.  Hey, thanks for reading, by the way.  I know blogging is a thing of the past and since I’m not a real writer I should just walk away and focus on my Vlogging .... but the truth is I enjoy putting thoughts into formation and delivering them consistently each week ....(yet, simply placing words on a page doesn’t mean they always make sense ..., right?)

How do you know it’s God?  

The main reason I know God is leading us: my idea of decorating my life involves sand, sea shells, sun kissed skin and a big umbrella.  I’d be feet in the sand everyday if I had my way.  Apparently He has other plans.  In other words, I have no idea why we’re here.  All I can say is there is a door opening for me in Nashville.  I don’t know when and I don’t know what direction to look but one thing is sure.....God has the reigns and all I wanna do is love people and follow His lead.  (Easier said than done, I know)

So that’s it.  There ya have it.  I’m living a highly decorated life of supernatural adventure ..... which really boils down to the fact that I’m no longer homeless, wondering the states aimlessly.  Maybe now I should be a country music star.....if it weren’t for that whole needing a decent voice thing. ( I have secretly always envisioned riding a white horse in a happy country music video.....hmmmm.....big dreams. )


May you be a light in your space of the world.  May you be filled with grace to do what needs to be done.  Don’t worry about the side’s just people distracted and bored with their own lives.  Keep it up....all the good you’re doing .... never apologize for being the unique beauty you are!  Own it, girl!  The time is now!

Love y’all,



In case you haven’t seen my mom advice video with my mama here....

Here’s a wee Thought Bomb of a side note: 

Listen, I’ve been an adventure junkie ever since I broke free from my parents cage in the 90’s.  I like living life on the edge, bouncing here and there, experiencing new things, meeting cool peeps and making memories (if only I could remember them).  All the traveling and dangerous living doesn’t hold a candle to the ultimate adventure of living for Jesus.  

You know its all about Him ...., it’s never been about me.  As long as I keep my eyes on Him and not my circumstances, fear, doubt, uncertainty and even treasures and blessings I know I’ll come out on top. (Even with run on sentences)  

I can’t lose.  I can fail, stumble, and make mistakes and stumble over words but I’m guaranteed that no matter what He’s by my side and has my back.  There’s no thing on this planet that can compare to a relationship with The Creator.  I hope and pray you find Him in your searching.  He’s as close as your breath.  Xox....b


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