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how LEGOS got to me

Sing it with me "Everything is awesome....everything is cool when you're part of a team...everything is awesome, when you're living out a dream." that song could ring in your head for days, am I right?

Oh, look, now it's stuck again.

Normally, when we have a family movie night I pretend to watch sporadically as I pass through the room ... in and out .... doing who knows what all over the place. I decided to take in the LEGO movie the other night with my fam....I even picked it:) I thought I might share some thoughts that could even translate into real life advice....(inspired by the main character, not necessarily an accurate reflection of the movie.)

Five things I learned from Legos

1. attitude is way, super important

At the very start of the movie Emmitt, the main guy, had the most radiant of attitudes ... I mean, right from the second he got outta bed he was ridiculously, intensely joyful...made me wanna jump outta bed the next morning with a smile and a song...girl, if I woke like that my husband's head would stand straight up on his darling head and he'd most likely fall flat over from the shock of joke.

Back to this guy....even though he was a pretty average, even-keel guy who never rocked the boat, he had a super positive attitude about everything. And we all know attitude is 72% of the driving force that either propels you forward or holds you back. (All numbers heretofore are fictional and part of my imagination so don't hold me to a thing) Are you going to allow yourself to be held back by a stinky face attitude when a positive, caring attitude is key to making anything special of anything at all.

I must be completely transparent....I am doing a piss pour job of keeping a positive attitude these days. The struggle is real. This road schooling business coupled with a few other details in my life have made me numb and quite frankly, a negative nancy. I must and shall apply this advice with my whole being....starting now....this moment. I'm gobbling this up as of its just for me.

I'll keep you posted how it goes.

2. you believe what you repeatedly listen to

You know, you believe yourself more than any other person. So start telling yourself ...over and are an overcomer, you have the power to change, to soar, to create a life for yourself that you see in your dreams. They can be a reality. Repeat it....hear it...see it. You can become the person you were created to be: wise, successful, influential, gracious, prosperous, healthy.

Don't let me make it sound too simple...we all know it's not. I struggle with this one too. Man, the things that I've allowed into my thinking the past few weeks have been just shy of utterly destructive. I admit this to you, my friend, because it's time I took authority over my speech and especially thought life. A refreshing of sorts...greatly needed ... like I need a proper pedicure needed.

Back yet again to the end of the movie, he told Wild Style "You called me talented and important. No one had ever told me that before. I wanted to do everything I could to be that guy you were talking about." I believe that he repeated these good things in his mind by replaying her uplifting (one could venture to say, prophetic) words.....over and over....again and again. We can do just that...and see real life results.

3. voices will try to take over...shut them up

There will always be voices around you that try to get you derailed, unfocused, or confused. Some of those voices are even from folks who love you....your mom...a friend...or even your spouse.

Allow your intentional thoughts to quiet the noise. Thoughts like, I can do this. I can get that new job, I am enough, I can take control of my eating habits (or fill in the blank with your bad habit), I can rise above my circumstances.

No one else's voice matters. Especially from the naysayers. Shut them up! The loudest voice must be yours. Encourage yourself. You know how I encourage myself....even when I'm the hottest mess alive....I read my Bible and find all the lovely things God says about me. No, for real. Read psalm 139 for a whammy of a word....sound cheesy? Try me! Look it up, love. I don't always do these things I should do, which usually leads to more trouble.

4. surround yourself with people who believe in you

Find the right people to surround yourself with ... listen to things that will uplift and encourage you to be a better version of yourself. This is possible. It takes work, maybe even a reevaluating and severing of relationships, but it's worth it.

Emmitt had lots of people say he was nothing and no one special. Will they send you into a tail spin or will you rise above? Make your mark and dream big or stay down and take another beating...the choice is all yours.

You'll always have people that want to squash your uniqueness and creativity. Perhaps they're just well meaning people, who want to "save" you from disappointment or failure from dreaming too big. To those I say thanks, but no thanks. I don't need your judgment.... I mean, help.

I've found that jealousy and comparison are ugly step-sisters with an appetite for destruction and I ain't got no time for that. I mean, just check out the green lego dude seething with envy.....ugly stuff.

I'm very confident in this area currently. I only allow certain people to be in and speak into my life. Friends, family, podcasts and even the people I choose to follow on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.....they all have one thing in common....they lift me up.

5. embrace what is special about you

"Forget what the others are doing, you must embrace what is special about you." Vitruvius

Every 'master builder' has their own style, their own way of thinking, their own gifts and talents.

You can't look around at all the action and motion of the world and more specifically your neighbor, boss, best friend, favorite blogger, even Tony have to pave your own way through wisdom, choices and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Nothing is impossible with prayer and hard work if you'll only believe. Sounds easy, eh?! Not so much. Dang, there are days .... days where everything seems grey and fuzzy. These are the days I lose any imagination as to what is special about me. I feel invisible. Do I linger there? Heavens, no! I can't. I mustn't.

We're each so genuinely different and if we all embrace exactly who we are made to be and stop focusing on someone else's life you think you wanna live, that's when real living begins.

That dude, Emmitt, never tried to be something he wasn't. He might've been the nerd who didn't know much but he was special in his own way and he learned to use that uniqueness to his, and others', advantage.

-The grass can be greener right where you are.

-Believe it to be true.

-Play the hand you've been dealt-it's all you'll get.

-Roll with the disappointments & learn from the failures.

-Rise up...again and again...falling isn't that terrible...there's always another chance.

"All you have to do is believe, then you will see everything." Vitruvius

I'm working on this we speak. I don't have it all together...or even a little, at this point....but I'm in no way, shape, or form throwing in the towel just because of some stupid mistakes....even my failures are shaping me into a greater person. You too can take your own wild journey with confidence, knowing the outcome can and will be greater than you can imagine.

You were crafted like a one of a kind diamond and while no one is watching, that diamond has to go through a five step process to be cut and polished before the shine can be shared with the world. You might be going through your polishing stage and it looks like a big, sloppy mess and might even be excruciatingly painful... but over time and with childlike faith you'll come out brighter than any stone that ever all your unique brilliance.

Be lifted.

Be lit.


"You're the special. So am I. We all are." Emmitt

Love and heaps of Oreo ice cream,



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