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I left my wallet...again!

How many times have you flown out of the house without your wallet (maybe your purse or phone)?  You leave having no clue you’re an item lighter ... you go about your business as usual ... until you need to pay for something (or make a call).  That's when you run into trouble. How can I pay for gas?  How can I get a library card or go shopping?  Gotta go all the way back home and retrieve said lost item from from the purse I just transferred out of...oops!  Time waster.  Frustration builder.  Inconvenience maker.  You name it....I’m thinking it. 


As I drove home to get my billfold I realized it’s a great opportunity to put my motto “live decorated” into motion.   Lawfully, I slowed my speed (knowing I couldn’t get caught without a license....wait....maybe if I always go the speed limit I don’t have to tense up 😬 when I spot a cop.)  Interesting thought.  

I changed my mindset to be more 'decorated'.  I decided it was just ok to drive on an empty tank ...heck, I scraped the rest of my errands and wiped my afternoon free.  Leaving my money at home turned out alright in the end.  

Living decorated is powerful and it’s always a choice.

It’s a way of living where you consciously find or create beauty in and for every moment.  Seems pretty vague, right?!  But you can apply it to any moment, activity, thought, attitude or action to make for a brighter life.  

Just like you decorate your home with furniture, art, and accessories you decorate your life in many ways as well.  It starts (always) with Love!  Love is the undercurrent to this new ideal of a decorated life.  

My next favorite way to decorate my life is with a grateful attitude.  Let’s be real, I’m not always successful at it (even moderately so) but I do make a valiant effort.  I thank God for everything big and small....about 63 times in a day I’m sending a little breath prayer of thanks to God for the blessings He pours out on me.  Even when I mess things up.

Lastly, I leave you with this super practical, uber important life decorating tip.....hydrate!  I say this as I nurse a dehydration headache from NOT drinking enough water.....taking my own medicine here, believe me!

I’ll be putting out some more tangible tips soon but for now I’ll leave you with this design tip:

Design tip of the week:

Gallery walls.  

First I must remind you we got rid of ALL our stuff which included all art and mirrors (with exception of a few small pieces that fit into boxes which we stored with my sister for our year of travel).  So I’m starting again from scratch.  Therefore, I’m requesting some grace when you see my make shift gallery wall (while ALL my other walls are bare naked).

You see, it’s better to have one statement wall than several small insignificant pieces spread through the house.  Less is usually more.  

Here are some ideas for your gallery wall from some pretty awesome people on, you guessed it, Pinterest.  You can click the pictures to go to their board if you like.  

Start by finding a big empty wall ... a hallway or an entry or like you see here an awkward wall with a thermostat and air conditioning vent to contend with.  (The thermostat is conveniently hidden behind my dads hat...which I artfully embellished when I inherited it).  

Once your wall is chosen begin gathering ALL the pieces you can find around your house.  Small, medium and large photos, art, collectibles, kids art, black and whites, letters, numbers, symbols, hangable knick knacks, postcards and cards framed, and even book art.  When I’m out of frames I will use wooden pants hangers to hold the art.....they make a great statement especially if you make a collection of them.  

I usually start with the larger items and space them out on the floor near the wall to see how I like the placement first.  Then just start hanging....considering the spacing but not trying to nail it perfectly.  Don’t stress.  I never measure or equally space items....I like random and even asymmetrical...feels more relaxed and I’m better at eye balling than precision work but you do you. 

Once your larger items are in place fill in with medium then smaller bits.  Fact is I’m still curating my gallery wall and as I buy things I’ll change out pieces to keep it fresh.  However, you don’t have to make any changes once your wall is complete....just leave it.  Then take a pic and leave it here in the comments....I gotta see.

Here’s hoping your home and life are beautifully decorated.

Love y’all,



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