• Blu Wyatt

It ain’t no competition y’all.

This life is NOT a competition.

 It’s a journey.

And it looks absolutely and totally different for us all.  There’s enough room for each one to stand tall and shine.  We are called to greatness.  We were made for more. 

Just because someone has already succeeded on a certain path that’s attractive to you, or that you’re on now, don’t pick up the attitude of envy or allow her to whisper in your ear.  You are a different person with a different past, tendencies, personality, failures, desires and dreams.  There is space for you to thrive as you take steps toward your ultimate purpose.....or just that thing that’s next on the to do list.  Whatever, just keep a forward motion and encourage others around you to do the same.  

We all have a chance, an opportunity, even a responsibility to decorate our own lives;  uniquely designed to make you the best version of the person YOU were made to be. No one can do this for you....or for me.  We have to make the hard choice, take the first step and even keep walking when all hope seems lost.  This is our path. No two just the same.  

So let’s stop comparing.

Next time you look at someone that has more than you, is better than you, stronger, smarter, more settled, prettier, thinner, it doesn’t matter the comparison, just stop it. 

There is no comparison.  

Be you

Be unique

Don’t be afraid to stand out. It’s what you were made to do. 

We can all lift one another up.  

We can all bounce off each other. 

Feed from one another.  

Rally around each other. 

Lift each other up. 

Cheer each other on. 

Each one of us has dreams, hopes, aspirations, failures, shortcomings, strengths. We’re each running our own race. Specifically created for a purpose.  So kill Comparison and Envy in your heart.  Then their ugly step sister Criticism....while you’re at it take out their stinkin’ loud mouth cousin Judgement.....evict them from your thoughts, vocabulary, speech and actions.  Come alongside others and be their strength when they’re not so put together.

How can we do this?  

We can start by loving, and pump it up with encouraging, strengthening, empowering, lifting, helping and ultimately accepting others gifts, talents, differences, shortcomings, weirdness, strange sense of humor, and yes, even their faults.  This is living decorated, my friends.  

Let’s help each other run our race.  We each possess enough light to not only illuminate our own path but we could even be able to shine some light on someone else’s path walking through a similar journey.  Don’t be stingy with your light. It’s not just for you!  

There is someone waiting for you to step into your place.  To own your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.  

When’s the last time that stands out to you that you remember encouraging someone?  Or a time when you purposefully sent powerful, lifting words into the air surrounding a person?  How did they receive your gift? 

Let’s live decorated and help spread the word to those who could use a little sprucing up. 

Love yall,



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