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It Might be Too Controversial?!????

Ok...before I get into the tough stuff.....I just gotta ask: Has it really been almost a YEAR????? It HAS!!! Life has turned a few times since our last little chat, eh?!  Aside from all the madness the world has been experiencing…...I got my real estate license …. 11 months later I retired it!  WHAT?!?!  Girl……yep!!!  A lot of back story but basically my husband, Marc is a real estate GENIUS and I so wanted to support him, his business and his passion. I also silently wanted to prove I could do it….more specifically that I had some brains left!!!  


no, for real.......After my last major head injury, where I fractured my skull for the second time, I noticed a considerable difference in my brain function.  Honestly, this is no laughing matter, but I do get tickled every time my brain substitutes a normal word like “car” with interesting words like “watermelon” or comments like “please pass the marshmallows” (obviously meaning ketchup).  If you’ve known me much the past 10 years you know there are some slight glitches that present themselves at the most inopportune time.  Hysterical, and quite embarrassing!

Bottom line…..I wanted to prove I had brains!!!  So a year ago, I took the classes, studied and passed!!  Then quickly realized my brain does NOT want to do real estate.  What was I thinking?!?!  I’m going to leave that serious business to my brilliant husband, who by the way is not only a Broker in Texas and now Tennessee, he also coaches MANY realtors across the nation to have their BEST career possible.  I’m so amazed and impressed with the way he thinks and the way he does business.  What a blessing and gift he is to so many!!!!

Then we MOVED!

Much else has happened in addition to this news.  We moved.  To Arrington, TN….right close to an amazing vineyard and the most kind, gracious neighbors.  We now rent 5.5 acres with barns, a guest house and a POOL!!!!!  I work long hours trying to bring it back to life because whoever came before us didn’t care too much about beauty.  We HOPE BIG to own it one day but we’re open to God’s perfect will for our lives and know there may be something better.  

Speaking of God…..

He’s just the BEST!  His Son, Jesus is my everything!  My prayer life has been amplified recently with this election looming.  This nation and its people need a major move of God.  Went to DC for The Return event … a day of prayer and repentance.  What a day!!!  To see 100,000 people (not sure of the accurate number here) on their knees repenting and crying out for God to forgive and heal their land is ……well……life changing.  I hope you will assume the posture and join me in repenting for our sin and asking God to heal us and restore us.  We are One Nation Under God and that's just truth!  



I didn’t really know what to say today I just wanted to drop a little line that maybe a few might read but know this.  I have and choose JOY even when it looks hard…and messy…..there is HOPE!  Jesus is our HOPE!   I pray you will have a relationship with The Creator and our Savior that will rock your world.  He’s the only way.  

I hope you’ll VOTE!!!!  

It’s a BIG HUGE deal, y’all!  Don’t vote for a person….vote for his policies and what he stands for.  I’m NOT voting Trump because he’s my buddy or I agree with all his tweets!  I AM voting for him because he stands for LIFE.  Not murder of innocent babies.  He’s also done a LOT of good for this country!  Seriously, but you already know this.

The alternative is unimaginable….the Democrat party is overrun now by BLM and Antifa and basic evil!  Sorry if this offends you, you can leave now….I’ll pray for you.  I LOVE YOU no matter what you believe!  It’s Jesus’ way.  LOVE conquers evil.  

So now that I’ve said the thing I didn’t think I would say and had no intention of saying right now, I should go.  

Time is running out, friends.  

Jesus is coming back soon and we gotta get ourselves together…..meaning get our souls right with HIM!  He’s calling us to a relationship not a religion.  I have SO MUCH to say on this subject but it ain't all for today. Join me on Insta for up to date juicy goodness @blu_wyatt or my youtube.  I hope to see you again.  Ciao for now.

Much love, goodness, kindness and even apple pie and caramel to you!!!!!



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