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It’s not just my TIME

The other day my neighbor next door asked if she could watch the boys so my Honey and I  could go out on a date.  A real life, one on one, romantic date!  Having only JUST moved to a new town without knowing a soul, finding a baby sitter wasn’t top on our list....although maybe it should’ve been.  After I picked myself up off the floor from the initial shock....(we just never go out these days and I nearly forgot what that felt like).   Don’t read too much into that, friend. 

We just so happen to trust this neighbor whole heartedly and since we don’t have the privilege of built in baby sitters (older siblings) ... we jumped on it.  A night out downtown Nashville.  Getting to know the sweet, funky musical vibes of town......until the wee hours of exactly 9:30 PM!!! ...(lame, I know but one of us isn’t a night owl, without mentioning of names) regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed our moments of freedom and appreciate our neighbor greatly.  


A different neighbor, shortly after we moved in came over with a Manila folder full of the top ten places in Nashville for coffee, music, soup, shopping, dining, of anything you could imagine.  What a kind thing a stranger did by just spending his time looking up and printing all those pages.  


A few weeks ago I helped a friend who had to travel for a few days and needed someone to watch her four kids......FOUR kids!  I loved serving her and her sweet family for those few days and I have a whole new level of respect for people with large families!  I’ll stick with birth control, thank you!


Last weekend I was able to help a shop owner friend who needed an extra hand on deck and it was not only a warm fuzzy in my heart for helping out but it was a major blessing to ME.  I was able to help many people and speak into the lives of several just by spending 5 hours in a store with a heart for ministering to the lives of everyone walking through the doors.    


My point with these stories, and what got me thinking, is that when we offer up our most precious commodity.....TIME......we are showing the deepest level of love anyone could express.  Our time is far more valuable than a yacht, a private island or a personal jet....none of which you can enjoy without having free TIME on your hands.  

Oh girl, I know you ain’t messing with my TIME!  

We all know that what you do with your time says a lot your values and beliefs.  Whoa, lady. That’s a tough pill.... back off. I’m. Busy. Lay off. Being stretched too thin already?  I get that.  Been there ... and although I think we glorify our busyness and wear it like a badge of honor .... there is validity in your stance.

I’ll be honest. I’m NOT actively involved in ANY non profit as we speak.  This shocks me too. Why am I not involved where I’m at?  Honestly....I used to be highly active in the community; volunteering my extra time, energy and talents in church, homeless ministry, the local food bank, local library, various non profit orgs I had a passion for, but I’m involved in ZERO!  

Why am I asking you to get involved yet I’m straddling the side lines?  That isn’t fair!  Well, I took time off to travel from Austin to Iowa where I served in my church and helped start two businesses downtown as an offering of my gifts and time.  But then we headed out to a life on the road ....for nearly a we settled here in Nashville....

There’s a time to take a break for sure and knowing when and for how long is personal.....but we should be refreshing ourselves in order to get back in the ring and give it our all again.  

I’m sending this message out with me in mind just as much as you.  Sometimes we get a download about a change we need to make all the while lifting and encouraging someone else to do the same.  

So if this is speaking to you please find out where you can volunteer and give your precious gift of time to someone in need.  It might even be helping a neighbor down the way.....the small things count just as much as the biggies do.  I’m highly focused on one on one interactions and face to face experiences to shine the love of God unto every crevice of darkness around me.

I have a couple ideas of where I want to give back and honestly need to dive a little deeper finding out what direction God wants me to lean.  I’ve been and will continue to make relationships my top-est priority because loving people is where it’s at yo!!  That’s living decorated at its of our TIME! 

Love y’all

Be blessed

Come back soon

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All the best, 



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