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It’s over!


I mean, really. Such trouble for a holiday that celebrates, death, gore, fear and basically all things scary. As long as I can remember I’ve always messed up two holidays...Halloween and Valentine’s Day. With each I usually g

reet people with a Happy insert random holiday name here (which is beyond odd). Tuesday night was no different....only I shouted out to a clowning, candy-giving house-dweller “Happy Anniversary” at the top of my lungs....oops wrong again. (Insert a few laughs). Or the half a dozen times I called it “Thanksgiving”...oh brother, why can’t I get it right?!? Perhaps because I don’t care?

Having this holiday lowest on my radar of things to celebrate it may come as a bit of a surprise that I’m a big fan of dressing in costume.....then again, perhaps not so much. I did borrow a goofy green monster hat, pink fuzzy halter top, rainbow tutu, floral leggings with a grey furry sweater I threw on last second to save me from frostbite.

Finally, we all dressed up and hit the road, bags in hand, high hopes on our sleeves. After a few blocks of sporadic trick or treating we turned a corner a BAM...there it was.....spookville: a road where people obviously spend far too much time and an obscene amount of money making this night especially .... memorable.

Each house on this spookily decorated street in the middle of wild town SD boasted its own unique theme and fright appeal. Possibly the most impressive was the house featuring a shipwreck coming up out of the roof and its alien captain hanging from the gutters. There was also a coffin with a creepy story teller dude among a slew of cool battery powered candelabras, a lady taking your picture with her smoke-breathing, head-reeling dragon creature, countless ghosts and murders in the windows up and down the street, spider webs housed creepy crawlers, a front porch dance party (not too uncommon), bubbling cauldrons and steamy sidewalks and yards...oh even a house with all the faces of politics “drain the swamp” themed (it was said to be the scariest house of all). Look at that, in that window, it’s a ghost, over here, don’t touch, come this way, stand in this line, don’t step on my feet....oh brother...where do all these people come from? Literally body to body lineups between houses...not for the claustrophobic at heart.

We saw everyone you can imagine....characters included but not limited to spooky ghosts, mummies, vampires, ware wolves, monsters, unknown villains, dead guy zombie things, and too many other scaries to mention filled the streets by the droves.....toe to toe, mask to mask, sweat to perfume, there was a bit of it all. On the other hand there were princesses, super heroes, cute Disney characters, milk cartons, black mail, fries, hair spray, monkeys, hand maidens, BB8, disco dancers, knights and even Moana....just to name a few.

Thinking back, if I lived on that road I’d probably create a princess castle with pink, yellow and purple lights, lots of whispy tulle, the yard filled with fake cloud like material, a unicorn, lots of glitter, feathers and chandeliers as well as colorful, mythical characters (my family) all dancing about the yard with glow sticks and candy. It’s a fun idea to explore and the only way I would ever be able to contribute to such a ridiculous holiday. It would only be complete with clever tracts, homemade goodies and cheerful Jesus music blasting tastefully.

Then again why in the heck participate in a holiday that exemplifies everything I’m against?! Well, the truth is that for my box headed Minecraft costume loving boys it’s ALL about the candy....sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar. (I should’ve counted the candy we collectively consumed although I thought to capture it in pixels just for you.) It’s not about focusing on evil ... it’s about dressing up, hanging out with friends, being silly and getting sugared up (on a weeknight no less).

In closing, it’s really all in how you look at it. You can go extreme one way or another. The Bible says in Philippians 4 to look on things that are lovely, pure, true, right, noble and admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. I choose to do just that....focus on the positive, enjoy life, decorate it actually and take things easy without getting worked up over someone’s choices or outside forces I can’t control. Wearing a costume isn’t evil, walking door to door asking for candy isn’t’s what’s in your heart. What you give focus the end of the night we landed at a church function....nothing scary just light hearted fun. That’s what I’m talking about. All the members park their cars in the lot, open up their trunk, hand out candy and love to the whole THAT’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, friend.

What are your thoughts on all this? Halloween fan or no?

love yall mucho,



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