• Blu Wyatt

Labor Day cruisin' video

Updated: Sep 23, 2017

How did you celebrate the laborers of our land? Did you take time off? BBQ with family and friends? Swim? Climb? Sleep?

We all have a different way of celebrating and each holiday has its own traditions and carries a different feel. I've never thought much about Labor Day to be quite honest with you. In fact I had to look up how it started and what it was about. Sometime in the 1880's in Oregon, of all places, they began celebrating the union workers and those who have made America strong and prosperous. So the fact that we're in Oregon is pretty cool to me.

We talk about Labor thru breakfast at McDonalds and coffee....then we take you with us on a rafting adventure down the river in our latest edventure. Keep up with the fun on our YouTube channel if you find yourself wanting more.

Tomorrow I'll be coming out with my normal Wednesday post....about come back for some awesome pictures and some words on a page....about....bridges. What bridge are you crossing?

love, blu


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