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love : a bridge : plus outtakes

Updated: Sep 23, 2017

Bridges have long since been a fascination of mine. My dad shared my sentiment. In fact, I have a picture of him walking across the top of the old Sutliff bridge...he was always up for adventure infused with danger.

Bridges come in all shapes and sizes....from the dingy drainage crossing to the glamorous Golden Gate Bridge. Connecting places and people all the world over. The engineering details: researching, planning, measuring, all the math, layout, designing and actual building that goes into creating a successful, and a lot of times beautiful, contraption of steel and concrete astound me....always have. It must be just right. There is no room for error when you consider the lives that will come to rely on such a structure for daily life.

Recently I crossed a bridge.... perhaps I'm still crossing. Me and my family left any semblance of normalcy when we left our little farmhouse in Iowa one month ago. Crossing over into an alternate universe of gypsy-dom. We'll be traveling for a year hopping from one Air B&B to another...that's the plan. The bridge we're walking is long, but structurally sound, not to mention landscaped by the most spectacular view in the land....the U.S. of A.


A couple times this past week I thought I might fall off the side of this imaginary bridge... or willingly jump off.....because, well...

...road schooling...

If you've seen my videos you know I've been begging God since high school to please not make me home school....however, when this opportunity to travel came up I jumped at the chance. I mean how hard can it be? A few months ago I knew the time to start school was approaching. I told myself "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it". Well I'm here. I'm crossing, whether I like it or not.

This bridge within a bridge I'm precariously navigating seems to want to collapse under foot at any given moment. But I'm hangin' in, y'all. It's not impassable....just a little rickety and unpredictable.

The truth of the matter is, I am victorious and an overcomer ... I've been through many things MUCH more difficult than teaching a second and third grader math and writing. I mean really, what do I have to complain about??? I AM one BLESSED mamarita! I tell myself each day ... I can do this. :). And I shall.

The reality is we all go through moments or seasons where we feel like we can't make it...we can't take another step...we feel as if one more moment and the ground will give way to the rushing waters beneath our feet. Am I right? Giving up seems to be the easy out. But there's no easy out on the this bridge...I'm all in.

Recently I gained a deeper perspective:

I saw a picture of the flood in Houston and it kinda rocked me. To think of all those displaced by this massive disaster. All those lives affected. All the strangers coming to the aid of those in need. We are a nation whose love and compassion for one another is immeasurable...when we decide to tap into it. We are ALL Texas strong! We have the power to bridge the gap, here and now. To bring this country together behind the precious people suffering great loss. I'm impressed with everyone doing their part. The feet on the ground, the boats in the water, the helicopters in the air, the organizations and individuals donating, and those beginning to rebuild what has been thoroughly destroyed leave me speechless ... in awe, really.

photo found online but couldnt find its original owner

I will say one more thing along thos lines, I'm thoroughly impressed with our President and First Lady with their hands on approach in all this. Honestly, I don't remember seeing Obama at anytime during Katrina's devastation... but I won't take this down the political road....there's enough of that strewn around these days. You don't need my two cents.

What bridge are you crossing? Are you a new parent, changing jobs, getting married, or divorced? Have you lost someone, left someone, started something, changed something or jumped off a ledge (so to speak....don't really jump off a ledge ... unless it's your kids balance beam in the backyard and even then be careful.)?

You're crossing a bridge, my friend. Hopefully not the boring drainage ditch kinda bridge but something more glamorous....more substantial. You got this! Nothing is impossible.

Maybe you can be a bridge for someone....even better yet, let love be the bridge. Let our heartfelt prayers act as the steel this structure needs to survive.

Let our small but meaningful actions be the concrete that we pour ever so skillfully and intentionally. We have great power as a country to surround these people with the proper support needed to rebuild their meaningful, productive lives. We could even be a catalyst that propels a person from that side of mediocrity to this side of excellence....that would be somethin' to write home about.

Be a sounding board.

Offer a shoulder to cry on.

Lend a helping hand.

Buy someone's groceries.

Donate new underwear.

Give a ride to the store....

you can be a blessing to someone, somewhere.

Let's be the bridge someone needs.

love n hugs, blu


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