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Miracles......For Real

Miracles happen everyday. The full effects of a miracle aren't often felt until the story is shared so share I must.

This date is a highly significant day for me. I made it! I actually did something.....I worked toward something for 10 solid years. I’ve never given anything as much attention, gumption, focus, passion and dedication. Marriage. Today marks the date this chapter of my story began.

In all honesty, and not really caring who reads this, it’s been a tough tough tough 10 years. We’ve been through a LOT. Far more than I’m willing to share but we nearly lost it all a few times. We nearly walked out on each other several times and we survived through my deepest depression. To say we had a rough 10 years would be an understatement.

But here we are. Here I am. Giving 100% of least it feels like it. Loving this man God brought my way. He is funny, he’s kindhearted, he loves these boys of ours, he changes lives every single day, he strives to be better tomorrow than he was today. He cooks. He occasionally picks up his dirty socks ...... and he loves me. There’s that bit.

It’s a long story but I know this is all God. So to Him be the glory. Now I’m ready for the next 10 years.

Just in case you want an update on our living situation read this excerpt from my ‘book’ I’m writing. It’s a work in progress but this is the past few weeks in a nutshell.

Finding a home.

We had already missed out on 5 properties by being a day late to the party. It's true, the rental market in these parts is brutal ... and until we decide if we're settling down in Nashville we'll just rent for a year. So we had spent an entire day looking at houses and not loving anything. We were down. This is tough. Where are we going to live in 8 days? No stress! No worries! We were walking by faith and God was gonna work it all out. Those houses were just not the right one.

My husband sat in the newly rearranged breakfast/foyer/mud room of our Air BnB searching for our home on Zillow, (yes sometimes I rearrange peoples furniture...I don’t think that’s a shock) .... I paced the floor. I didn't just make a track around that little room I frequently utilized the kitchen, dining room, living room and even pantry as I scoured for chocolate. Back and forth. How much more could I take?

Y'all we spent hours upon hours for four weeks, digging for the right house. It had to have white cabinets (for me), be on a cul de sac, have good neighbors, four bedrooms, hopefully by a fishing spot.....and the list went on.

Just then it happened! a new one popped up on his screen. I stopped to listen to the description and it sounded perfect. I should mention there weren't any pictures! Now you KNOW I need pictures! Nevertheless, I called the number, left a message then saved her number in my phone. That was enough to lift a brow. Right in that moment I knew something was different about this place. I felt something.

We waited for a return call. And waited. Ding phone rang. It was her. We talked for what felt like ever but was probably 4 minutes.....I thought it went well. They were from Austin, they have two boys the same age, she seemed ADoRABLE! We had an appointment to see the house in ONE AND A HALF WEEKS!!! I'm raising my voice because this would've been a red flag for us cause ....hello..... we need a place to live! How could we wait that long to even find out if we like it?

Chill. I got a feeling about this one. We prayed....oh we prayed.....and we petitioned friends to pray. We stopped all attempts at finding a home....we had blind faith this was it. Her and I texted back and forth several times giving me the feeling as if we were first in a long line of interested parties. Ok as long as I'm first. Lord, we only need one house....the right house.

A week and a half feels like forever......

Okay y'all this is where I get all the feels....I was on the edge of my seat finally driving to our appointment to see the house. We even brought homemade chocolate chip a gift perhaps sweeten the deal. Oh my heavens,.....did I mention it sits on a cul de sac?! Hello, God, I love You!

We pulled up and there were several kids playing outside ... bonus! Built in friend system. My excitement bubbled over as we walked up the front steps. The homeowner opened the door and I was awesome....very open....light blue painted brick fireplace...wood floors....

But the next thing we see....gotta say....I was shocked....there were people.....touring OUR home....didn't we hit it off on the phone? I unwittingly thought this was a private appointment. My heart pounded and I started sweating. Crap, another family of 8 came strolling in......dang this was an open house! As if a bowling ball hit me in the chest .... I had to remind myself to breathe. It was not a personal insult or slap in the face......they had to find the right fit for their home. I get it. I don't like it but I get it.

I was believing God for this home. Even left a deposit check....we had already submitted an app. We were voicing our seriousness on the matter. I couldn't look around anymore I was in love. I even forgot to go down to the basement and take a look before we left. Oops. I’m sure she mentioned having a basement. Didn’t matter at that point even with wild wallpaper in the hall bath I fell in love.

As we drove out of the neighborhood we passed the pond (with a fountain), the pool, and the tennis courts....our dream neighborhood! Right in the heart of Brentwood, TN (south of Nashville).

The email came through today. They chose US! We got it!!!! It’s ours. For a year!!!!! I just finished dancin, singin, and screaming around the house. Excitement doesn’t express my true heart on this.

We now have a place to call home......there is one wrench, or so it seems....the house isn't available until June 1st! Two months from now.

So the adventure up....Hot Springs, Arkansas. TOMORROW!!!!....stay tuned.

Love y’all


Don’t we look all serious in our fancy clothes.....we’re not, really.


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