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Updated: Sep 23, 2017

Dishes piled high.  Recycling all over the counters.  Watermelon mess.  Ants.  Disheveled house.  Welcome "air-home", me.  I leave for 24 hours and come back to this!  How can one man make such an unsightly mess in such a short amount of time???  It's beyond me.  

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing.  Nothing at all.  I just needed to share with my peeps the reality of my clean up after my loving husband.  Maybe he just wants me to know how much he needs me and without me the house would go to hell in a hand basket.....truth!  

Thank you honey for the subtle reminder of how much your appreciate me.  I love you, too.

Now that we've cleared that up (and I shared a picture of my mess)....I can effectively move on....and release the hostility that was about to erupt all over this sticky kitchen floor. 

"Find your tribe and love them hard."

Danielle Laporte

That's it!  I've recently noticed that I find people along the road of life...correction, God sends people ...He plants them in a perfect place at the most perfect time like a gift with a big red bow on it.....but wait, I don't like red....ok a big blue bow.  Anyway, He's pouring out His love through each one of us.  Rather than shying away from opportunities to shine we should be looking for ways we can be a blessing in this dark and crazy world.  Step out of our silly zone of comfort that we've allowed to encase us, and gently step into someone else's realm.  Could be something as simple as asking the checkout girl how her day's been going.  Maybe a smile.  A prayer.  A gift.  A friendly gesture.  A compliment.  To your neighbor. Friend. Mother. Grumpy Old Man. Stranger. Enemy. 

I've had the opportunity 3 times this week to pour into the life of another.  How humbled I felt to be making even the slightest difference just by hearing and obeying the voice of my Daddy God and stepping out in blind faith.  Making a difference is life changing....and sometimes it's dang scary.  Ok, most times it's downright white knuckle, clenched teeth frightening.  But we can do do this....step out and choose to change.  Love hard!!!

I know there are people out there that I can help with my story.  And I truly believe they'll be brought to me....or I to them.  Where I am today is less about what I'm doing or where I'm going and more about what I've come through. How trauma, abuse, failures, neglect and abandonment shaped my character.  Overcoming such great odds can inspire someone else to do the same.  

What can I do? 

Every little inch we make toward our goal of being world changers is a step in the right direction. I've decided I'm going to be more available....more tuned in with my children and their needs above my own.  More present in my marriage.....more aware of what's going on around me and who's life I'm touching, even with just a passing glance.  I'm just at the beginning of stepping into my own....of being comfortable in my own skin.  Confident enough to speak my mind, for the most part.  I have less than a care in this big, fat, ever growing galaxy about what other people think about me, my beliefs, my actions, my words!  Heck, I've done Pilates in the park for 4 days now.....I've carried on a Facebook live in front of strangers....I ain't scared o' nobody.  I do what I do for an audience of ONE.

Grab an inspiration:

I'm watching this gal I've crossed paths with on a few occasions, Jen Hatmaker, make grand strides toward making a real change in this world.  Not only is she an amazingly gifted author, she's hysterical and has the most giantest (so what if it's not a word, it should be) heart for people in need.  Love her!!!  Well, her new book came out called Of Mess and Moxie and boy does she ever have a heap load of moxie.  And her new podcast...MUST listen. Anyway, I've always wanted this illusive moxie she speaks of but never knew what it was....I just knew it was something I wanted and I was going to have it someday.   

Well, news flash, it's rising up in me....secretively....privately....and painstakingly slow.  I can't hurry the process just like I can't hurry the Creator of the Universe or paint to dry or my child to do his math homework:/ ugh.  But it'll happen. The paint will dry, I'm sure he'll do school work without another knock down drag out and I know my God will show up strong on my behalf. He's done it time and time again, why would He stop when we've come so far? Moxie, here I come, lady!

They say "don't despise small beginnings."  So let's start right here, where we are, and take the hand of someone around us....wrap arms in faith with one one another.....pray for one another.  (This week I've committed to pray for Rhonda, Summer, Neva, Texas, Vintage, my president, mom, and a mural project). We're called for so much more than this.....and we know it.  So.....let's rise!   

"I will rise....out of these ashes...rise." Shawn McDonald    Let's go for it.

Make a ripple ... it could turn into a tsunami. 


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