• Blu Wyatt

no really, it's THAT important!

“Just be grateful”..... another phrase....we all throw it around like a hot potato..... 

But are we truly grateful?  All the time?  I’ll be honest ... NO!  I, for one, sometimes act like an ungrateful little brat who storms off when she doesn’t get her way ... stomping around with her hands on her hips (if only in my imagination cause I’m better at hiding my grotesque attitude than that).  I’m not the best at being thankful all the time regardless of situations and circumstances.  If things are flying haywire-sideways on a busted up 1902 wooden roller coaster I’m most likely not saying “oh thanks God for this ‘big blessing’ about to knock me out cold and steal my lunch money.” Or  “...I never thought of that but sure, I could use a brain injury, fractured skull, busted ear drum, it’s a miracle, I’m walking and talking kinda horse experience.”  Or “hey, maybe my friends drunk, creepy dad could spend a few hours trying to rape me....thanks for that one.”  Or even better, “hey, thanks for the wacky-mean bipolar depression thing I’m freakin battling. ... glorious.” 

What?!  Did you hear that....the stench of a foul attitude seeping through the cracks.  Disgusting!  It almost sounds like I’m blaming God for the trauma in my life.  Whoa!  Let’s back up the train. That could not be further from the truth! 

It is by no means God’s fault bad things happen but it sure can be dang hard to find an ounce of gratefulness in your hardened, abused, neglected, left for dead heart.  I know!  I’ve been there.  But God is right there to fight this battle with you.  He has a way out, over, through, or under but we can never take a shortcut around the difficulty.  We gotta go through the mess standing in our way of greatness, peace, and joy....but with His help.  How do we tap into that help....with faith....through thankfulness.  Sounds simple but that’s a whole other living decorated point altogether. 

If you’re there right now I’m here to tell you...there is a rainbow that will once again resurface in your sky....maybe even a double rainbow. That thing you’re facing is a stepping stone to get you where you need to be even if it’s impossible to see.  Even through the heartache and pain we CAN find something to be grateful for.

For starters, you can be grateful that one day God will use your story to reach other people going through what you’ve just come out of.  He can use anything (and will) for His glory.  If you’re having a tough time raising your young children, I’ve been there, I get it.  My walk has left some scars...some battle fact I’m even still grappling ... for strength, courage, wisdom, stick to it ness, and sanity.  (Road schooling is NOT for the faint of heart, people!  Especially for shall we put it.....with a growing amount of patience and gentleness.)  

Growth is good....not easy...but good. 

So gather around the dinner table and spill the beans.....what do you have to be grateful for?  It might help to write it down and leave notes around your house as reminders (bathroom mirror, fridge, front door, cabinet, heck, even in your car work well).  Write in a journal.  Draw something....someway to help you gravitate toward gratitude.  Come on now.....this isn’t just for me...surely someone out there needs a reminder...a nudge....a gesture to light their path.  Share this with them. 

Live Decorated by finding, embracing, voicing, and sharing gratitude with those you surround yourself with.  (And feel free to be picky in this really is important who you hang out with and listen to). Share with us’ll only take a sec and you never know who’s watching or could be the light this world so desperately needs.

Be blessed. 

Shine the videos below....first is on organization and the second...well, just watch:))))

Live Decorated

Love, Blu 

Little travel update....we left Oceanside (Cali) then thoroughly enjoyed the Grand Canyon experience (follow on Instagram or twitter for the more to the story that comes with being connected)....and check out the YouTube video below ....we’re now in Phoenix ....but we leave tomorrow...Friday.  To Texas we will go....thanks for joining this wild adventure of traveling the states in a year to find our next home.  Join along the fun....comment, like and share.  Until next week......ciao Bella. 



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