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Nomad-land :: moving day again

Updated: Sep 23, 2017's what we do. Load up the mini, strap in, grab a snack, kick off your shoes, and hit the gas......we're on the road again.

The lives of nomads.

This week we left South Oregon and landed in Big Bear Lake, California for a two week stay. We've unpacked and setup. Bust out books and laptop....let's get with this road schooling business. I plan on making this year a wild success (by the grace of God) and in order to accomplish this goal I've gotta make some adjustments.



I'm working at changing my words, and that means in my writing too, so I'm going to tell you what I expect to see and experience out of this traveling life. Here are just a few of my declarations:

My children are peaceful and respectful.....can I get an amen?!

My children love to Jesus' name.

Teaching them is fun!!!!!!!!

I am full of life and have loads of energy...!

I've built in plenty of outdoor time to counter balance the actual school learning. Tennis, hiking, water play, skate park, and playground.....I've got some bases covered's the dang learning....the assignments, the math, the worksheets, history! I mean, my kids are easy learners and this years gonna be great and the more I tell myself that, the more I believe it to be true.

The journey isn't always clean and tidy. You gotta get messy to carve your story. Your own unique, one of a kind tale to tell.

Make your messes,

clean them up,

ask forgiveness,

walk in love

and never ever bear yourself up

over failures or mistakes....

we all have them and make them.

No one is immune from them.

Life is happening each moment we breathe, whether we tune in and become present or check out and lose focus. I'm on both ends of the spectrum depending when you catch me but I'm most certainly picking up the pieces and putting one foot in front of the other.

What's your story? Are you in the heat of battle? Establishing routines or boundaries? Making life altering choices? Agonizing over a new endeavor, idea, business deal or relationship? Chillin' by the pool, so to speak? Wherever you find yourself, you're not alone. God is right here. Ready to walk through the thick of it right along side you.

I pray this weekend will be a fantastic adventure with those you love....or even alone, heck I love to be alone! Make it unique....draft your story and make waves wherever you feet may roam.

Be on the lookout for some more spoken word:)




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