• Blu Wyatt

Refuel your Tank...decorate it!

It’s the second half of the year.  The start of July. Happy 4th, by the way, hope yours was great.  

Now marks the start of something new.  New beginnings.  New opportunities.  New adventure.  New expectations.  New open doors.

Give yourself a chance to put a new foot forward.  Change your beat. Up the tempo....sing melody but learn harmony. Open your ears to hear.  Your eyes to see.   Lose yourself.  Take a breath.

Your future is your choice and yours alone!  No one can make your decisions for you.  You can be grateful or you can be a jack ass.  (I know I sure can be one at times!)  You can restore people or you can destroy people.  

You can lift someone or tear them down.

As we move into the latter of 2018 let me ask a few questions.  

How do you recharge your batteries? Reset your clock? Restore your sanity?  Refuel your body?

These are all things that fuel my tank and give me new life.....hope for tomorrow.  And when you group several of them together into one adventure I see fireworks.




Boating on the water

Yoga and exercise 

Crying with someone

Riding horses 

Listening to classical music

Lighting candles 

Soaking in a jacuzzi tub

Having a chat with a friend over a glass of wine

Eating right

How can you refuel your life and ultimately Live Decorated?  

Last weekend took a long, mid-year regrouping vacation....(as if the last year hasn’t been one giant vacation traipsing all over this nation). One long weekend on the coast...on the water...with God-given friendships to re-energize my soul.   We laughed, worshipped, prayed, fished, coasted, ate, shared stories, made memories.  I’m fueled.  Recharged.

Ready for my future. 

Find your fuel

Dig it up

Discover it

Let it energize you

Blessings and more,



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