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Rock star givers...inspiring the world

In all the new year hustle I’ve come to setting some intentions. I’m focusing. Giving. Shining. Expanding. Being more vulnerable. How about you?

I want to be an influencer this year ... to put the gifts God’s placed in me to use for the good of others and for His glory. This is in fact my passion: decorating the lives of those around me...encouraging, sharpening, and uplifting among other things. Not every blog will be this flavor but it’s time I launch into the deep and help others shine.

Let’s applaud all the amazing people out there putting their hands, hearts and talents to helping those in need. I’m starting small and here by highlighting some rock star people I’ve run across and the good they’re doing in the world around them. So many people are doing good ... we should learn from this....and adopt it as our own. Put your hand to something or at least your pocketbook....make goodness spread like wildfire.

I’m leaning toward homeless, foster care and sex trafficking, mainly because of the women I’ve allowed to speak into my life. I’ve decided to start here by featuring people and organizations I feel are doing an amazing job with boots on the ground in these categories.

First off, allow me to introduce one of my best friends on the planet, Jessie “Vintage” Sanchez. She’s such an amazing soul with the giantest (who cares if words actually exist) heart....more specifically for girls being rescued from the horrendous life of sex trafficking. She’s been asking “what can I do to help?” and over the course of time she’s come up with a brilliant idea stemming from her immense creativity and heart to serve. She got a kiln and has been creating one of a kind ceramic pieces centering around love. Represented by the shape of a heart. I’ve helped create some treasures myself and let me just tell you...the process is laborious to say the least. This is in fact a labor of love.

A percentage of all sales goes to help those young, fragile girls desperately needing love and support! I’m most impressed with Vintage because I can see her heart breaking for these precious souls and this is what drives her to create. She truly is a lighthouse for the world to see. Keep shining strong, love.

The next woman I want to highlight is Susan Ramirez the CEO and founder of Austin Angels which is an non profit helping children and families in the foster care system. Recently they’ve started expanding into other cities so if you feel a calling you could startup a location in your city. No place is unaffected....we have foster children everywhere.

Their motto (or at least my version of it) is not everyone is called to adopt or foster but we can ALL help out. They’re known for helping the children in their system through their monthly Love Box program providing kids with things they need or want and giving them loving support in every area of their lives. This is HUGE! So many kids are pushed through the foster care system...neglected, abandoned, hurting, needing, longing for acceptance and love. This organization is doing just that....and growing leaps and bounds. Thanks Susan for sparking the flame for so many of us...encouraging us to Dare to Dream.

The next woman that has impressed me year after year with her tenacity, loyalty and vision is CEO and Founder of I Am Waters Foundation, Elena Davis. Now, I don’t exactly know her personally....we’ve met... we follow each other on social media so that counts for something:) She is heavily putting her hand to hydrating (and advocating for) the homeless. We all need drinking water. We all need hope and the inspiration to dream and that’s exactly what I Am Waters is all about. Their bottles display the words Hope, Dream, Peace and Love. I believe each of these words represents more than a deep desire but a basic need. Her foundation is making waves in countless lives and communities. In fact, my heart has turned toward the homeless through watching her Facebook Live rants so brilliantly articulated. She’s humble, honest, generous and just REAL!!! Thanks E. for all you are and how you faithfully pour yourself out.

A couple more worth mentioning are Amber Nicole Fitness ... she’s literally changing the lives of women as we speak. Not only on the fitness front, although this is her major bend. She’s also about treating and coaching the entire person....mind, body and soul. If you need a trainer, coach, or motivator find her on Facebook. Join her group. Sign up or just follow. You’re welcome.

Jessie Clayton is also a rising star but in an interesting niche....she’s a children’s pastor at a local church. Jessie has grand ideas and goals how to unite and change the lives of children’s pastors, volunteers and even influence parents to continue valuable lessons at home in a fun, interactive way....more from her in the months to come. Watch out Austin.

I’m putting a call to action item on the table for the ladies I’ve mentioned above....I’d love y’all to consider writing a guest post to share your story and gold laced inspiration with those who will lend an ear. In fact, we can also have a Facebook Live ... one on one. Ooooo, the ideas....the ways we can affect lives around us...and have fun in the process. I’m inspired, that’s for sure.

Bottom line: choose a way you can be a leader, an influencer, a communicator, a friend to the friendless, an inspiration to the least of the least, and an overall better person by putting others in front of yourself. I know, it’s hard to do but something you can set your intention on. Flourish, focus and reign in this life.

Oh and always Live Decorated by decorating your life one day at a time them encouraging others to do the same.

How can I help you glow this year? come on....leave me a comment below.

What are you looking for in a lifestyle blog, podcast, YouTube channel where we challenge each other to decorate our lives....from the inside out and all around.

Love y’all....Blu

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