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Shining Light on Others

This perfectly decorated moment I’m living in: a vibrating chair, coupled with this kind lady’s massaging fingers, nearly transports me to another dimension.  Don’t forget the fancy pants chandelier hanging in the entryway. I’m beyond blessed with my decorated self!!! 

I can’t relay to you how much I needed this pedicure. Self care. I love me! God loves me! My husband loves me! So I sit here and allow the pampering to ensue!  I welcome the few moments of silence and rest.  

An hour later:

As I sit patiently waiting for the polish to dry and my husband to arrive from his foot massage next door I sense we’re to lift each other up and encourage each other openly.  Out of a deep love and respect for each other. Sister and brother. As we rise we should bring others alongside us in this wonderful walk of life. 

I’d like to begin by example so I’d like to  highlight a few folks in my life that have made a difference or are making a difference in the lives of others.  

I’d like to first honor Tina Marie ‘Counter Culture Mom’ who does it all. She’s out to save the world by educating and alerting parents as to what’s going down in our culture today. Namely Hollywood, TV, video games and even music. She is having global impact on the next generation we’re raising up.  Check out her free app Counter Culture Mom app and be on the lookout for her show Hollywood Insider coming soon!!!

The next amazing person I’d like to mention is my friend Crystal Rome. She’s a massively talented singer/songwriter, hairdresser and interior designer who is currently blooming in life, creativity and especially music.  Her heart is so big and generous. You can find her on Spotify and any form of social media.  Look her up and become a fan! 

My next highlight is a woman of such deep love and kindness for all. She has such a gift  to create.....well, anything. She can redesign an entire house with the flick of a finger and a few thrift store finds. She draws it all, sells greeting cards, mini taxidermy pieces, ornaments, sculptures, and anything and everything her heart can dream up. Her name is HeatherBlu (but I can never figure out how to put those 2 dots above the U so forgive me.) Her and her family are always putting wacky dancing, singing and dramatic acting videos up online. Check out her work all over social media. She even does custom work like my new logo you’ll see above! Now I’ll have to rework my whole website to feature her intricately designed art!  Love to HeatherBlu!

Some people get uncomfortable talking about themselves and what they’re passionate about. Others not so much. My point is we all need a leg up from time to time. Be that if you can and feel led (or is it lead?) to do. 

So I encourage you to highlight other people who are doing things that stand out to you. Help them shine. Maybe you get to drive them into their destiny by coming alongside them in whatever way you can.  It might not be a blog post shoutout. It might be a tweet....or a comment...a repost share thing....or an original post of some sort. The point is share with others what they mean to you. 

Speak life into their business, family, ministry. I’m not talking about a DM, IM, PM or any other M thing you can name. I’m talking out in the open. In front of their peeps or your peeps. Show love and shine light to those around you. Pick 3 and do it today. 

It’s a great way to sow seed of destiny in others .... and guess what. The way the Bible works is that you will also reap a reward. So be ready for a new season yourself, my friend. 

Welcome to the BEST of your life!!!


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